Sunday, December 24, 2006

China Trip

Sunday, December 24, 2006
So I shall now blog about my China trip. Very little pics as nearly all have our faces in it and I'm sure you people will tire of it hehe. Plus I'm lazy to edit all the 200++ photos. The buildings are nearly all the same anyway and we were forbidden to take pictures at many places.

*Yea, a note of caution when going to China. Be prepared to spend a lot of money. This is so gonna happen if you join a tour. During our trip, we were taken to like 6 or 7 places that encourage you to do nothing but spend. Here, you are ushered into a small room where various speeches are given about their products. Then there is a time for sampling their goods. Then later you'll see your credit card melt before your eyes. No kidding. Nearly every visit to some historical sites ended in small factories below. Even a visit to a supposedly free foot reflexology centre ended up in a huge bag of health medicines. Blardy chinese damn smart in making business. Before you know it, you're ripped off and left out in the cold wondering what just happened. You'll end up buying silk, 22-year old tea leaves, jades, jewels, and a ton of traditional medicines that you don't really need. The bill is scary. I'll be eating porridge for a year liao*

At Singapore airport...

I am Santa. I've stolen his carriage and reindeers. Christmas is mine!

The whole flight from Singapore to Beijing was a total of four hours. I've watched like 4 movies. The Alex guy in Stormbreaker is such a cutie. I want a blond boyfriend liao. Hehe.


The Palace something. I have no idea what the sites we visited are called. I only get like 10% of whatever the guide is saying due to my lack of knowledge in Chinese. Her Chinese is damn fast okay? Before I can fully process her first sentence she is already on to the next building. So after a while I gave up and just strolled around admiring the cute Korean guys and sexy Japanese girls =P

Next to some golden pot thingy. I'm wearing like 5 layers and it still feels cold. I'm glad I live in a tropical country.

Guess how many rock this is made of? Yes, ONE. Siao Emperor chiak pa bo su zho go ask people to roll one huge rock all the way down from the mountain and then painstakingly carving dragons and clouds in it. It's beautiful though.

No post is complete without a pic of my own =)

Great Wall of China. Wan li chang chen chang you chang, san tian san ye zhou bu wan....urm somebody please help me complete this poem??? I drove myself crazy trying to figure out the last 2 sentences.

FREAKIN COLD UP HERE!!!! The wind is so cold it hurts. Can barely open your eyes. You see the steps you wanna peng ok. LIKE HUNDREDS! If everyday I just walk up and down the steps of the Great Wall I bet in 1 month's time I shall be slimmer than Paris Hilton. My ENTIRE family made it to the top, MOST didn't make it *smirks* Proves how fit we are. I was the first. Nyahnyah.

 The vendors at the peak are freakin rude. People like half dead fish gasping for air and they keep screaming at you to buy their goods. Freakin Chinese bokasi one. Simply throw my photo at me when I said the edges wasn't so smooth. Piece of sheep lar these people. I hope the wind blows you and your stupid trinkets off the Wall.

Gorgeous. Oh yea, you don't have to pay 50cents to use the toilet. In China, every toilet is free. Here there is a woman asking you to pay, IGNORE her. Say you'll report her if she don't shut up. She's lying. She ripped me off until a local came along and screamed at her for illegally charging people 50cents each.

I mensiasoikan myself here. I never knew how much my chinese sucked till now. I was finding the toilet hor but can't seem to find it. Then I saw one door with a sign. I couldn't read the chinese words except for one 'sui' (water). So I thought, washroom got water right? So this should be it. I opened the door and I get a mean soldier with a gun staring evilly at me! Ciken, wrong room. So I on to the next one. The words looks like 'che suo' (toilet) so I cautiously open the curtains only to find a HUGE MEAN DOG! It started barking like siao and ran at me okay?! I ran away acreaming like mad until I came upon a grey building with the word 'TOILET' on it. CIKEN LAR!!!! WHY MUST PUT IT ALL THE WAY AT THE END!!! First, I nearly got shot, then almost got bitten by a siao dog. Damn suay. Must learn chinese. TOOOOT!

Ok. Moving on...

Wax museum. I thought it was going to be one of those cool wax museums filled with celebrity wax figures but NOOOOO, it turns out to be some historical wax museum. Sien.

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At Chen De...

Over here it's 3 times colder than Beijing.

So what if I look stupid in my bobble hat? This hat is the BEST to keep warm. I swear you must buy one if you're going anywhere cold.

No snow but got ice. It's so cold here that virtually any drop of water was turned into ice. My sister even saw the water dripping from a mop turn into ice before it even hit the ground.

Ice Sleigh-ing. Haha. Very fun!

China version of our sepak takraw. Can NEVER hit it. My legs just won't turn. Not my fault I'm wearing like 3 layers of pants. How to move you tell me??

Someplace. I forgot. I think it's the King's Autumn Vacation Palace or something. Ariel: "They all look the same for Pete's sake! How to tell??!!" I agree, all historical buildings are alike. You see one, you've seen all.

Handicraft Street:

All the dolls are made from clay. He didn't 'tou gong jian liao' and every tiny little detail was carefully added until it reached perfection. I bought the pigs in the blue basket. It's amazing the way he made something beautiful out of simple clay. All I can make is a snowman. Three balls, one cone shaped nose, two holes for eyes and viola...a snowman.

Steamboat. The peanut sauce is nice until the 8th dip then you get really sick of the taste. My face looks fake here. The light was too white. Lazy to photoshop it darker. My only chance to be like those SK2 models.

Underwater world:

My brain

JAY CHOU KEROPOK!!! I immediately snatched it off the shelf. How to NOT buy chips with his face on the cover?! But the thing sucks. So horrible one the taste. Can't believe he can actually endorse products like this. Sell-out. Hmph. But I STILL LOVE YOU! I mean....your songs.

Peking duck! I ate this for 3 nights in a row. Delicious! They even fry the bones too! So yummy!

Beijing has a street selling all kinds of food. THE FOOD HERE IS ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY!!! So tasty!!!

You MUST try the syrup-coated fruits. Get the strawberries. It's so sweet. Just looking at the pics makes me drool.

K no more pics liao. Lazy to post the rest. Busy preparing food for my Christmas party. The best thing about China is shopping!

Tips on shopping in China:

1.Cut the price to 70% and below. Be stubborn. Walk away and they'll holler for you to come back and give you the price you desire.

2.Be careful of stores own by youths. They will forcefully drag you and never let you go, some even shut you up in their shop and not let you go until you buy something.

3. Don't swap your money for 50RMB note. Whe you're paying, some will go "oh, I don't have any small change, so can you give me blablabla and I'll give you fifty." A lot of 50 dollars note are fakes and you can't tell the difference. So avoid this move at all cost.

4. If you don't wanna buy, DON'T ask! Don't ask, argue, debate for like 10 minutes and end up not buying anything. Beware! They will start swearing and might harm you. Only bargain if you really want it.

5. There, once you touch something, a bunch of sales assistant would come swarming at you insisting you buy something. Here, the lousy shop assistants don't even hiu you when you holler loudly at them.

6. Never ask if something is fake. Obviously for the price you're paying, it has to be fake ok?!

7. Never accept any other money without Mao-wadever-his-name-is head on it. It's Taiwan money and can't be used. Don't listen to their crap of it's new money. It's NOT!

8. Don't give to beggars. You'll regret. Picture the scene in the movie "The Bachelor" with a million women chasing after him. Only this time it'll be a million beggars chasing after you.

Oh, China got a lot of free shows. You enter any toilet and you'll see pretty well-dressed girls doing their business without closing the door. You look at them weirdly and they'll just stare back at you harder. Siao. Some even got no doors. So remember to bring 5 umbrellas for cover.

Okie, gotta go prepare food for my Christmas party tomorrow. So many things to do, so little time. K, bye! Have A Merry Merry Christmas!!! God Bless You Always~


faye said...

Which tour package was this from? it sounds exactly like what I did when I went to China. You're totally right about the shopping part. Damn mainland chinese would do anything to earn a few yuan. No ethics at all. -_- Nearly got cheated a lot of times.

Hana said...

Xin Du if i'm not wrong. They keep taking you to tiny government factories wadever and
make you buy various stuff. The toots! I love their tactics! I shall copy them and be rich! So ripped off.