Sunday, December 18, 2011

22nd Birthday

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Celebrated my 22nd birthday at home with 2nd sis. And by home, I meant my home in Davis which I currently share with 4 other girls who are gone at the moment due to winter break. We left way later coz we had work. Such is the life of a non-student. Anyways, 2nd sis decided to cook something nice for my birthday :D

Bought pre-made stuffed clams for myself as a treat. The kind of treats I always stare at through the cold storage doors in supermarkets, like corn dogs or pizzas or cocktail shrimps or fancy desserts, but never buy because its too expensive imo and swore that one day when I am rich I would buy those but alas when I do have the money, I still think its bloody not worth it and instead spend it on fancy gadgets which I think is worth more :\

I think this is partly due to I can cook, whereas I cannot make gadgets.

Plus I get to eat those food at parties and they never taste like what their mouth-watering packaging advertise -__-

Everything besides the clam and buns are made by 2nd sis ♥ Fragrant rice, awesome salmon, and salad with all the good stuff :d

Happiness ♥ Words cannot describe how blessed I am to have a sister going to the same uni as me and living together. We thought it was going to be a nightmare since heavens know we don't really get along being in the same bedroom at home but away from home, its different. It's like a bestest best friend only 100000 times better. Because she's your sister who you can trust more than anyone in the world aside from your parents. Family... is truly a treasure.

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