Thursday, July 14, 2011

San Diego-Coronado

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Skipping to the 3rd day because I get dizzy just looking at the amount of Zoo photos I have to shift through at the moment.

So, a lazy day it was for us after tiring ourselves out the day before and so we just wandered around the area aimlessly before we left for home.

Strolled around the harbor where the Maritime Museum was located.

And being cheapskates by posing for pictures outside instead of paying $14 each to go inside the ships and submarines haha. Also, because we were short on quarters and thus only had 40 mins for the parking meter; not exactly enough time to visit a museum.

Crossed the Coronado Bridge in search of Coronado Beach - supposedly America's finest beach or something. And suffered a minor heart attack zipping through the unexpected toll booths, until after some frantic googling, was relieved to find that the toll has been lifted since 2002 and the booths are just for display purposes.

Oh look, rich people's boats. Anywho, suffered yet another heart attack when the stupid GPS, instead of leading us to Burger King, lead us into government properties with scary I'll shoot you for trespassing signs which turned out to be the naval base where I was caught breathless at the sight of an extremely dashing blond soldier on guard duty who helpfully pointed us back onto the right road.

Finally arrived at whatever this place is where a Burger King is located.

Not exactly Coronado Beach but somewhere in Coronado where there is a really small beach too?

It's a tiny scenic place with eateries and tourist shops.

Burgers are delicious delicious things I cannot get enough of :d

Didn't like the Cold Stone there because the staff were inexperienced and didn't know to leave the ice cream on the metal slab long enough for it to freeze and thus everyone, including us, came out with gooey melty ice-cream :C

Felt extremely languid after lunch and gave up the idea of seeking out the famous Coronado Beach.

Contented with the ciplak version already anyways.

Don't you just love our Batik dresses. Got them in Melaka years ago and never loved them as much until now where no one else here quite have dresses like these. Its so light and airy ♥


A random 1 minute scenic video. Yes, someone was on a video-taking high that trip. huh.

Anyways, next to the beach is a jetty for ferries to ferry people to and fro San Diego and Coronado. Which explains why there is a touristy spot out of seemingly nowhere.

The ferry in question

Sunnies make life easier. No need to wear makeup. Just slap on some huge sunnies and you're good :D

Neways, shall start tackling the mountain of zoo photos now sigh.

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