Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Getty Center

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
So since I have Spring off, we decided to visit all the nice places in SoCal we have yet to see. Went to the popular Getty Museum last month which is an art museum of sorts.

Admission is free although parking costs $15, but hey its worth it. Very rarely do you come across places like these that doesn't require admission costs. So, the museum is built on a hill where you have to take a tram to get up there.

All I have to say is that the place is just simply breathtakingly beautiful and just HUGE. That's like only one wing of the building.

The architecture is a mix of both ancient and modern designs where most of its walls are plated with fossilized rocks to resemble ancient roman empire style buildings (well, it looks that way to me) and every other else made to look cutting edge. That sentence does not sound right but I am too tired to think of the correct word/phrase/grammar whatever atm.

Daddy: "Imagine if this was your university's campus".


That would be heavenly. Although in reality all those chairs would be filled 24/7 with laptop carrying students chatting on their phones non-stop so there goes the illusion of peace and quiet.

Ok less talk, more pics of the lovely architectures:

Wandering around the area, I am really thankful for California's super awesome weather which makes visiting places like this enjoyable. If it were any other place, like say tropical country Malaysia or humid Florida maybe, the floors would be slick wet with rain 65% of the time or with mold growing in every nook and cranny. California is like crazy blessed srsly but I wonder just how many people actually appreciate this fact.

Aerial view of the central garden

Oh how tempted I was to somehow magically whisk up a couple of fishes to place right in the middle of those circles. Would they be able to find their way out I wonder....

Alas, if only I was rich enough to own a house with a view like this *wistful

Daddy: "It's a museum Hannah -___-  Be reasonable."

Well. A girl can dream can't she? :3

Parents ♥

I is princess with King Daddy and Queen Mummy in front; in the midst of a very offhand kdrama royal portrait stylistic shot lol.

Tis the fun of having a daddy who is a student atm X) Can take us out on day trips instead of being cooped up in some office. Although he did have the freedom to take time off anytime he wanted back then too but then there wasn't any places whatsoever to go to in Kuching...

The only sole shot I have of the interior of the museum before I was being yelled at for snapping pics with flash, and then just the act of taking pics alone (minus flash already), then for standing 1mm too near the artifacts/art (which in reality is at least 2 feet away) and yet again mere seconds later for pointing at it till I'm surprised I wasn't beheaded there and then already for simply breathing. Srsly -rolls eyes-

Btw, pic above is a painted wall. Not an actual tunnel like it looks heh.

Also, cracked the mystery as to why all marble statues in ancient days are mostly naked courtesy of daddy. He said and I quote "OH I KNOW. Just look at all these painstaking details (in reference to a clothed one), no wonder they made them all naked. Much easier to carve"

This makes so much sense to me now. Really. I always thought the sculptors were simply perverts.

Or maybe they still are. Hmm.

Back to the exterior:

A rough reference to show you how imposingly tall the buildings are

Scaled model of the place

So, daddy was all 'eh that looks like those ancient rome/greek whatever entranceway where soldiers march out of! go go go stand there both you go! this would make a good picture!' *holds cam eagerly

Entranceway? What entranceway?

Sigh. Bet he never banked on the fact that out fatness could just possibly ruin his artistic insight.


Christine said...

The pic of you and your parents....For a moment I thought you were Diane. Haha.

hana said...

AIH. yes, without makeup we sisters all look eerily similar. Is it a good thing or bad thing to look like diane lol coz she is the pretty one out of all of us XD

Christine said...

I thought you were supposed to look like Rena and Ariel was supposed to look like Diane? Hahaha. All pretty lah :D