Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthdays, Christmas and Haircuts

Friday, December 31, 2010
A post on a smattering of things that happened during winter break.......

Right before I left Davis, Lisa from HQCD specially drove by to give me 2 boxes of her homemade macarons.

FIRST TIME eating macarons! You do not know how much it has driven me insane all these years wondering how a macaron taste like. Now I do. I lived in Malaysia before ok and I think no one knew what a macaron was.

I want moar :d

Go visit Lisa's blog for more of her food and jewelry pics ^^

December was also the time of birthdays for me and 2nd sis. I turned 21 this year and I know the tradition is to go to Vegas but I've been there before already and since I don't gamble or drink, its pretty pointless to go there.

So I spent it at home eating mom's yummy homecooked asian dishes om nom nom nom.

You do not know how deprived we are of a good homecooked meal. Asian food too. I am so sick of DC food I feel sick just thinking about how I'm back to eating them in another day or so. Its yummy most of the time but its buffet style and I swear it cannot be healthy eating those food everyday. Its like eating out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and I can feel my heart slowly being drowned in pools of fat.

Why is my mom so cute? Specially made those for meeeee :3 Although its definitely in the wrong font....looking all creepy like :\

Last minute homemade cake lols.

I can haz video instead of pics:

Good gracious I sound so Malaysian in here. And annoyingly high pitched. Never knew how I sounded like till now and ugh imma make my voice lower. I don't exactly sound like this unless when with the family where I let go and be as Malaysian as anything lols.

4th sis bought me a hat for my bday. First hat ever :3 I am not a hat-wearing person but it looked good on me in the store mirror so I had her buy it for me on impulse lols. Now that I changed my hairstyle, I have no idea how I'm supposed to work this hat anymore and won't dare to tell her lest she hit me :C

Was told I looked like Kimora Lee Simmons by customers the other day -_-

So I googled her up and I have come to the conclusion that they are blind.

Looking at this pic makes me miss my old hair where I can tie it up into a neat pony tail like this because now.....

I blame Taylor Swift and CL (2NE1). I wanted the fierce I call the shots rawr look but it came out more cute instead of rawr :C

So I decided to rawrify myself by finding the right fierce eye-makeup but then I realized my efforts are futile because my newly cut bangs cover. my. entire. lids.

I am now left staring at a drawer full of now useless eye makeup T.T

Christmas dinner! We were too lazy poor to buy a christmas tree this year so my mom made a cute paper tree complete with salt snow and a tiny snowman beneath it ♥

MY FAVORITE DISH OF THE YEAR where I look forward to turkey this and that for the rest of the week and so I was ecstatic and totally forgot that my two younger sisters are all grown up now and could match me in eating and thus I was left staring disconsolately at turkey bones in less than 3 days T______T

THAT is not a chocolate cake but a fruit cake.

I love chocolate cakes.

I hate fruitcakes.

ITS AN OUTRAGE I tell you to be deceived the entire day thinking it was delicious moist chocolate cake only to find out after dinner -where I'm all cheery and more than ready for dessert - that its some stupid fruitcake.

Gah. Mood killer.

Tomorrow is New Year's Day and in another day I would be flying back to Davis for winter quarter *depressed

Anyways, Happy New Year! ^^


Faye said...

Bwahaha wrong fonts. Looks like Halloween lol. At least you got to celebrate your 21st with family! Turkey looks goodddd. And I kinda dig the new hair. Happy new year!

cheap flights said...

Happy birth day to you.
Thanks for sharing and many many returns of the day in your life.

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

Hana!!! How are you?! I miss you..

can I have ur email add? I would like to email with you to catch up. (I thought I have ur email)

take care and Happy New Year!!

Lance said...

Hope i''m not too late...Happy Birthday!