Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sisters are Golden

Sunday, November 21, 2010
So I decided to skip out on the retreat at the very last minute.

The night before it I was contemplating between going and staying back before I woke up at 7am, made the decision to stay back, called my friend to tell her I'm not going before putting my phone on silent mode and throwing it under my bed.

10 missed calls.

Another call the next day asking me if I changed my mind and wanted to join the later group going up.

And this is where I start to feel suffocated. And all sorts of wrong.

Having fun shouldn't feel like a death sentence and a social life shouldn't feel stressed and a christian fellowship shouldn't make you feel guilty for not joining every single one of their events.

I was glad I stayed.

For this weekend was the first weekend where I could eat alone with my sister at the dining commons and actually just eating brunch there for the first time for all my weekends were always taken up by various church/fellowship activities and outings.

This was also the first weekend where I could just unwind and sit down at the library to study leisurely because ever since I came up here my weeks were filled with a never ending blur of activities where when I'm not cramming to reach deadlines, the rest of my time would be filled with a bunch of social outings and there just isn't any really quiet alone time where my agenda is just a glorious blank.

But most of all, this was the first weekend in a long long time this quarter where I could truly spend some quality bonding time with my sister who also made the decision to forgo the retreat cuz she was sick.

I had so much fun just catching up with her life, reminiscing about the good old days, talking about our parents and family back home, reminding each other to start saying no again without feeling guilty no matter who the person is, and just laughing about stupid internet videos and quoting ridiculous lines from each to the other before killing ourselves with laughter all over again etc.

Last night was also a night full of fun in itself where we got trapped in the library doorways because it was closing but was also raining heavily outside and both of us stupidly left our umbrellas in our luggage we packed the night before for the retreat. Thankfully, my roommate's boyfriend came up to visit her for the weekend and could pick us up with his car though we still had to dash 4 blocks in the rain to where he parked and ended up soaking wet.

Only to come home to a blackout where we realize how helpless we were without electricity for the DC is closed, we couldn't continue studying, we cannot use our laptops to entertain us in the meantime and nor could we boil hot soup or pasta which was the only food we had :C

At this point we started to question if this was punishment for skipping out on the retreat :\


Anyways, we did have crackers and a can of tuna but no can opener and thus spent an hour prying the lid open with a nail, spoon and a pair of scissors; joking all the while that if we were a cartoon now right after we get it open the electricity would happily come back on to spite us but neither of us believing that it will happen.

But it did.

A few minutes after we got it open and were proudly eating our tuna crackers with glee, the electricity came back on so we could boil the clam chowder after all, which btw came in a tabbed can. thank goodness.

Nevermind, the tuna story will be an awesome tale to tell our kids in the future in the event of a blackout.

Spent the whole night later writing essays and giggling over old schoolmates' blogs.

Later this week, if someone were to gush at me on how fun the retreat was and how I totally missed out and oh so how was my weekend?

One word: awesome.

I regret nothing. One of the best times of my life this quarter.

I love my sister ♥

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