Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wedding Dress & Energetic

Saturday, December 12, 2009
I know its been AGES already and everyone has blogged about Wedding Dress to death but I had the mv all capped when it came out and this post written halfway. Since I don't feel like just deleting them so finish it I shall now that most of college hell is out of the way.

I still have two finals next week - Physics and Japanese but after JLPT (where I probably flunk the first section because there was no kanji at all so I couldn't understand a word they were saying), my Japanese class is nothing. Wish me luck on physics though cuz I want to get straight As for this semester too.

Anyway, back to the videos. Since its TAEYANG we're talking about, my ultimate fav. (such lies because it was GD during his entire album promo period until he released Butterfly and A boy which were two friggin boring as bean paste videos and I lost interest and before that Seungri with his sexy Strong Baby image but I digress) of course I must have some input! :D

Here's the video:

And now on to my thoughts about it...

So this video is about him whining and pining over his lost love who is going to get married to another guy and wishing she would come back to him instead. Everywhere fans are going 'poor taeyang', 'is the girl blind? I would so choose taeyang ok!' or even 'hate that other guy, girlfriend stealer' blablabla. However, after watching the vid countless times and reading up the translations, I have to say that as much as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TAEYANG, HE DESERVED WHAT HE GOT.

But lets ignore that for now ok and look!!!!!

alsjdalsdjalda GUYS PLAYING THE PIANO = LOVE!!!! Ryan who? *ignores Ammy sputters of indignation* Taeyang is so awesome! I love guys who can play the piano cuz it means they have a softer sentimental side to them ♥

What would I give to wake up every morning to this sight *dreamily

And then I would smile happily from bed before slipping downstairs to fix breakfast oh the normalness of it all, simply loves *delusional

2nd sis: *sees suit* Oh, he's not the one getting married then. Me: wteff how do you know?!?!?!

Ya obviously I am super ignorant of details and it never once went through my mind then that a bridegroom would not wear a vest but a coat. But I was too busy gazing at his hotness so I can be excused too.

Ok now to the reason why I think Taeyang deserves this whole mess:

HE NEVER TOLD HER. Like wth? Seeing people were busy flinging accusations at the other guy for being such a shameless girlfriend stealer, I honestly thought TY was dating her. But he NEVER EVEN MENTIONED his feelings so I say, ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR.

Ok so some might say 'but its so obvious he likes her what!' So? Nothing is definite until its said in words. I mean really, if a guy is like that close to me but never tells me once where I stand with him, I would never guess he liked me as anything more than a very good friend. I won't be that thick skinned to assume all guys close to me are in love with me ok. Which I guess is a bad thing too sometimes because they would suddenly confess and I'm all HUH SAY WHAT?! and am all flabbergasted. But that is not the point, the point is DAMMIT IF YOU'RE A GUY, YOU BETTER SAY SOMETHING OK! Because not all girls can read minds or have the guts to confess first.

Aww so cute! But why so short TaeYang :C I think I'm taller than him haih why are all my idols shorter than me quite sad leh if I met them in real life and I have to look down at them instead of up. Quite deflating :C

I cannot get over how cute he is *___*

But back to the main topic at hand:

The other guy. I see nothing wrong in him butting in at all if the two are not a couple. In fact, the more I watch the video, the more I like him because I have never seen someone more blatantly obvious than him. When he wants something, he'd do all he can to get it. I wish I had half his determination and confidence *wistful. And he was so cute when he tried to cover the girl's eyes with his hands aldkalsdajsldaj loves!

See! Determination to make his feelings known. Some might again say but TaeYang is also doing the same thing and I say no its not the same. When you've started out as friends for a verrrrry long time (like in this case if I'm not mistake), its hard to tell where friendly affections end and love starts so you need to do something more in your face like 'HELLO I THINK I LIKE YOU MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS' okay but subtler lols.

idk about you but if I'm the girl I can so totally tell he's interested by now :) And this is the second part TaeYang screwed up: No signs of jealousy. WHY ARE YOU STILL SMILING? Instead of being more protective or stepping up his game whatever, he did nothing and even went and befriended the guy -__- Which is not wrong at all but then don't go and sulk later when he end up with your crush.

Like this:

HAHAHA. I should not laugh cuz its supposed to be a very sad painful scene but I cannot help it ok wteff why he so suay (unfortunate) one not only is he not married to her, have to see her marry someone else instead BUT ALSO END UP AS A MERE PIANO BOY playing for their wedding hahahahahahaha.

Why the hell did he agree to play the piano for them??? That is just sad ok. I so totally wouldn't cuz I would only be able to bang out sour bitter chords ala the death march or something. He really shouldn't have tortured himself like that. Just make up some excuse lah like 'sorry I broke my fingers boxing the punching bag with your fiance face printed on it because that s.o.b stole you from me and I hate him won't you marry me instead' or something *shrugs

This is the face of 'regrets and what ifs'. Even if she rejected you, at least you would still have the peace knowing you tried and by this time, would have probably gotten over the whole thing and moved on ages ago. But no, because you said nothing, you're stuck in this whirlpool of 'could it have been me? if only I did something earlier. could things have ended up differently instead'. Waiting gets you nowhere.

I am aware however at how easy it is to say but hard to do and the aforementioned paragraph just shows my hypocrisy cuz I would rather take my secret feelings to my death than face rejection. But then again right, as I look back I am quite happy of all the times I never opened my mouth then because I totally cannot imagine myself being happy with any of them now at all. So I guess part of the reason I never said anything was because I somehow knew I wasn't really serious about dating them for reals. I am the old fashioned date only one and marry them if possible kind of girl and thus I dislike making mistakes with all the wrong persons.

If however I do meet someone I really like for THAT LONG a time I would most definitely say something la hor! Especially if I'm a guy. Which TY is.

And idk about you but I WOULD SO CHOOSE THIS GUY OVER TY IN HERE. Not only is he determined, clear and don't keep you guessing, but he is ALSO HOT ok definitely does not lose out to TaeYang at all if you ask me. But seeing his expression here, I can understand why some people don't like him. Its obvious he knew TY liked the girl but ignored it anyway. Then again, turn the tables around and I would say its a good move for him. If he didn't make a move, TY would probably never make his move either in 9238472942 years and the girl would end up with another guy instead and there would be two sulky 'what ifs' guys instead of one.

And God probably asked you to DO SOMETHING but did you listen? lol. Just praying and doing nothing are empty prayers if you ask me. God is not this genie in a lamp ok. Plus I wouldn't want Him to be either cuz then I do not want to be unknowingly forced to fall for you ok!

His imagination obviously. But look at the caption haha! OH NO indeed. I found it appropriate for TaeYang fans out there XD

I love his dancing in here I love it love it love it!!!! So slick and cool and MJ like ♥

Anyway, apparently he did got tired of waiting finally and set about to do something...

By dragging her away. And this is where my feelings of confusion comes in cuz she sure as heck do not look happy at being pulled away and neither does her friend so does it mean she really never liked him at all? Then again I would be pretty mad too if my friend no matter how close we are just comes up and bodily drag me away....

But look! She looks pretty pissed still. Like 'wtf are you thinking? what is it? *impatient'. Not the way you would normally act with someone you quite have feelings for no? Or maybe its to the point she's entirely fed up with him and has already move on to determined' guy so yeah that would explain the -_- face.

Unhappiness. So if she never liked TaeYang at all then she should surely go with 'determined' guy then! Why are all of you complaining wteff.

idk but did TaeYang just stood there saying nothing the whole time??? When did this event take place anyway? And look who just waltz in lol.

Suddenly she smiled! Nah see evidence that they are happier together. He makes her happy whereas TY only makes her -___- hahaha.

Ya but srsly this guy cannot read the atmosphere izzit? One look at them in the beginning should have told him enough to get lost cuz something important is obviously going on. Look at TaeYang's face. I wouldn't blame him at all if he sock 'determined' guy in the face there and then because there is a limit to how ignorant or rude you can be but he didn't. Sock him I mean. I am sorely disappointed :C

And as if that wasn't enough he went and proposed to her. Right there in front of TY. This is where I won't forgive him. I am all for him pursuing her but please don't be so desperate can or not? Because either its he's desperate he'll lose the chance once TY confess or he is just DENSE like that.

But whatever lah, if I were the guy, I would probably do the same. You want something, do all you can to get it and you'll have no regrets provided you don't break the law lah. After all, a few years later, who is TaeYang? No one. But waking up to the love of your life everyday for the rest of forever? Worth it.

Selfish yes. But sometimes its worth it no? After all, the successful ones are always the aggressive ones and thus I'm trying to learn to be slightly more like them. Not to the point of insensitivity cuz that is just not me but sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and just do it with a thick face *shrugs

Btw, I noticed something! This is the ring of 'determined' guy. Note the THREE diamonds.

This is TaeYang's. Only one?

Smart girl :P

Moral of the story: Choose the guy with the bigger rock.

Ok just kidding hahaha its if you like someone a lot, EFFING TELL THE PERSON OK! No one can read minds.

By the way, stumbled unto BoA's Energetic video a while ago. Now if you know me, you know I'm not a big fan of her. I prefer girls like Lee Hyori or 2NE1 (minus Park Bom because she is so timid I cannot stand) or Son Ga-In those girls who are downright sexy but not slutty yet imo. I don't like SNSD and the lots because they all have this infuriating aura of 'I'm actually very slutty/bitchy deep down but I'm gonna act all cute and innocent see me licking my giant lollipop and pillow fighting here? *simpers' that irks me. If you want to be slutty, go ahead. Be my guest. Just don't try to cover it up and be some pure angelic figure because its annoying. You cannot be both dammit.


Anyway, video:

I think this is her best so far. Eat you up was just painful to hear and although I did it for love was quite nice, she wasn't the slightest bit pretty in it at all I was like wteff that is the BoA? But she's super hot here :D

Love her makeup and hair ♥

The choreography in here is awesome! I personally think this should have been her debut song because its the most american one out of all.


Cannot get over how pretty she is here *___*

Ok that is enough spazzing for a day. Shall get all my summer holiday pics up once finals are over ^^


e.motion in motion said...

LOL I love your "analysis" XD I agree thot it was kinda weird when he grabbed her and dragged her off :/

And wow I haven't listened to BoA in years! The first pic kinda reminds me of Jen of frmheadtotoe (darn gorgeous girls >< hehe) and her dancing is awesome ^^

e.motion in motion said...

And btw read your profile, you were born in Hawaii! Where were you born? :D It's so boring here lol >< do you ever come back to visit?

hana said...

@e.motion in motion: Ah Jen! She looks like Sandara sometimes too. Gorgeous she is definitely haha.

I was born in Honolulu. AND OMG YOU'RE IN HAWAII??? But its such a lovely place! How can it ever be boring lol. Sadly I never got the chance to visit it yet but I will most definitely go back there when possible. I miss it <3

Christine said...

<33333 I love the danceee. Eh but don't you think it was obnoxious for the guy to butt in and put the ring on her finger just like that? I mean, he didn't exactly pop the question right? Who knows she could've said no if he asked but he didn't and she felt bad about hurting his feelings? hahahahaha xD

hana said...

@christine: I <333 IT TOOOOOO!

Yes I thought he was obnoxious in that part for butting in on an apparently serious convo. But I cannot say if he did or didn't pop the question cuz he might have and we just couldn't hear it lol. And if he actually just put the ring on it must be to the point where they are THAT CLOSE already and were just waiting for the WHEN time. Or not the girl would have swatted him away too. This is MARRIAGE so i don't think she is that dumb.

STILL. Proposing in front of another guy? Highly awkward. Stupid illogical move if you ask me. i dont think guys are that insensitive or so bu yao lian one lol.