Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ekiLove Earrings and Giveaway

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
I don't know what it is with the US for not liking super cute stuff cuz I swear I cannot find a single jewelry or shoes I like even until today. Everything is boring looking seriously. Thus, I end up shopping online for everything besides clothes cuz 1) clothes are tricky things which require actual fittings to know if it suits you and 2) everything here are generally made for taller people YAY!

So as I was saying, online shopping has since become my favorite one stop place for everything else (read: asian style stuff ♥) and today I shall talk about:

ekiLove - my latest obsession where I keep clicking on that site everyday to see if she has something new LOL.

ekiLove is run by the gorgeous Erika herself and here she sells stuff handmade with love such as makeup pouches, hair accessories, earrings, cell phone straps etc.

Eki modeling her own Angel Earrings.

One thing you can be sure of her creations is that EVERYTHING IS MAD PRETTY/CHIO/KAWAII TO THE MAX :3

Out of a number of jewelry sites I've seen, hers is my favorite ♥ Anyway, I found her through my beauty idol, makeup guru Jen at frmheadtotoe where she wore ekiLove earrings for her tutorial vid and it was so sparkly I fell in love with it on the spot and immediately went to place an order because I super scared her insane amount of followers would beat me to it wteff.

Ok ok I shut up now and show pics!

Shipping was mad fast! Arrived in two days! AND ASLDKJASLDKJA WHY SO PRETTY *__*

I am all for 'inside matters the most' but you know, having a pretty outside wouldn't hurt either and THIS IS WHY I LOVE EKILOVE because Eki really pays attention to the packaging :D Everything was taped with pretty 3D stickers which are now stuck onto my pretty pink file for class :D :D :D

The pink tissue wrapped packages are my earrings and as you can see, she threw in extra goodies. KOPIKO OK CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Where did she get it from omg a Malaysian product ok! My grandpa (may his soul rest in peace) always buy me packets of that when I was a kid *teary eye. I might be the only person who is more ecstatic at kopiko candies instead of Hershey's lol. And since we're on this topic, 'kopi' means 'coffee' in Malay so there, now you've learned a new foreign word and needn't thirst to death when you get lost in Malaysia cuz you can now order coffee wteff.

No idea what the 'ko' means ok now shoo. But I know it means 'kid' in Japanese though so maybe its a mixture of both and means Coffee Kid wteff.

I ordered both the LoveLock and Angel Wings earrings :3 Both are $15 each only!

Ok I have stupid story to tell. Ahem. I actually ordered the wrong style for the left ear wteff. Cuz in my haste and excitement to order, I misread her fancy font C as D haiyah so much for spending like AN HOUR peering closely at Jen's video and Eki's pics to make sure I get the EXACT pair and even quadruple check that I had the right ones (stuck fingers on screen while I made the order wteff) only to still be WRONG -.-

But nothing a pair of pliers and whispered prayers that I won't screw it up again can't do :D

Yalar I fixed it myself *proud

On to crappy pics of me modeling these gorgeous earrings and not doing them the slightest bit justice at all cuz I have crappy cam, crappy lighting and am not so pretty like others sorry hor.

Right side. Yes I am doing it side by side cuz try as hard as I can I cannot get both earrings in the pic face too big ah must be fml.

Left side. How come the quality becomes blurrier than the one in my comp???

Wanted to snap pics of the Angel Wings too but kam suay next day skin broke out like mad and am still looking like the cryptkeeper now T___T

But take my word for it that both are simply gorgeous! Many have complimented me for it already and a girl told me I'm stylish ok so happy what are you waiting for go buy one here at ekilove.com before it sells out or something as its won to do. Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email her cuz she replies fast and is very helpful.

By the way, Eki is having TWO giveaways. One at her blog here and another at her shop here for all her lovely followers and have you seen the prize JILL STUART ok prettiest makeup I've ever seen and her own creations too plus lots more! Lovely girl is lovely and I think she treats us all too well :3

Ok I shall stop here now because omg super long post ah later you all die of boredom.

Because I know you people are too lazy to scroll up -__-


eki said...

Hi sweets! thank you for making a sweet post! I am so happy you like my creations! <3 thank you so much for your support and LOVE! <3

Cia said...

OMG HANA I AM SO JEALOUS IT ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY HURTS. seriously!!! GAAAAHH! so damn cuteee! like, in my family earings are kinda like my forte. since im like the oni one whe wears earings here and dammit! its sooooooo damn cute it makes me wanna punch a puppy.

e.motion in motion said...

Hi hun! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway! Family love ♥ hehe.

hana said...

@eki: no problem ^^ anytime <3

@cia: YES IT IS CUTE. HAVE YOU SEE HER SITE? AWESOME. Go order lah. She ships international too. You might like to se He Qi Crystal Designs too, another of my fav.

@e.motion in motion: Yes hehe :D

Stephanie said...

yeah, it's hard to find really cute stuff in the US. cute by Asian standards.
Eki definitely has got that down!

hana said...

@Stephanie: AGREE :D