Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lucky, lucky, lucky ★

Saturday, September 12, 2009
So I'd just deposited two checks worth $1500 and am feeling all happyface now :D

Although that happy grin would be soon wiped off my face cuz I owe my dad monies for my fall semester tuition fees which he helped paid for in advance :C

Today must be my lucky day too because I got an email from Jen of fromheadtotoe informing me that I had won 1st prize in her giveaway! YES YES YES THOSE BRUSHES AND MINERAL EYESHADOW ARE MINE NOW BABY :3 Go read her blog now if you haven't! She is all sorts of amazing and ever so helpful in helping you try to find the right look ♥

Was on my way to a UCB application workshop when I saw a truck with the most unfortunate company name ever on the freeway:

Bimbo Bakeries

- We have hot buns ;) -

But seriously. wteff.

Finally got in touch with SoEun yesterday and she's doing fine in Korea now although she misses CA dreadfully. I miss her too. Somehow, I still think that it was partly my fault for what happened that lead to all these events. If she'd never met me and agreed to pick me up that one morning, what happened might have never happened at all and she would most probably be staying in the states still. But my deepest regret was pushing aside the warning bells in my head when she told me certain stuff later that day, thinking that things couldn't possibly take that worse of a turn and thus failed to warn her seriously of the possibilities before I went home. Only to have my worst fears confirmed the next day. I felt like kicking myself so badly ever since because I could have actually prevented it from happening.

Sometimes I keep forgetting that not every girl is as skeptical and cynical like me.

And so I assume that they can handle themselves fine when in reality, I find myself having to yell out the obvious in their faces cause what is obvious to me isn't to them. In all my years growing up, I've mixed around with various people from all walks of life and if you're a girl, my best advice to you ever would be to foster a close relationship with your dad. It would save you A LOT of troubles and heartaches in life really. You'll see life from a slightly different perspective and make wiser choices in life. I won't say I'd never make any mistakes in life but almost all my mistakes are those of when I chose to ignore my dad's advices. Being closer to your dad does make a world of a difference and one day I will write a thesis paper on this. If it has not been written already.

Okay, enough with the solemness. I'd never intended for this post to end up this way and so here's a picture of my fortune cookie's fortune of the day:


And so this my dear friends, is how fortune cookies came about XD It all stemmed from the fateful meeting of these two men with very different dreams ya'all. Now you know what interesting tidbits to tell your friends when you're out eating at the nearest Chinese restaurant haha.

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