Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dammit SuJu you're making it hard for me to dislike you :C

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
I never liked Super Junior. It was always one too many members imo. Then then had to come up with Sorry, Sorry not too long ago where the tune was infectiously catchy I could not not like it. Although I still didn't like them as a group because there was just....

Referenced from this.

Contrary to what you think, too many boys, pretty or not, does not up the hotness factor any more than 5 hot guys only. In fact, it just becomes overly ghei and is somewhat of a turn-off.

So all was fine and dandy until they had to split themselves into smaller subgroups with all the hotter ones together, wear black suits still in a now colored video, sing in Chinese (no need for translations = WIN) and have that damnably hot Ryeowook in this little group of theirs:

Screw it all, you win SM. This time.

Anyway, about the music. Maybe its just me but does this song not sound Chinese? Taiwanese boyband pop still sound slightly different imo. Oh and the fact that I can actually understand every single word they are singing without having to look up the lyrics. Never happens I swear. In fact, I still don't get what Jay Chou is singing about half the time despite looking up both lyrics and translations :| My Chinese might not be awesome but I am pretty sure that the way they word stuff is very different than what local Chinese would. It sounds so....simple. Like my primary school level Malaysian Chinese ah wteff XD

Ok, on to the spazzing:

Say hello to SuSHOOOper Junior M. The Mandarin subgroup. I have no idea how many subgroups are there altogether and neither do I care. This is the only group I will care somewhat about though from now onwards :) Apparently, there are 3 Chinese among the 7 members so lets play guess who is the Chinese :D I have no idea who is who nor their names except Ryeowook ♥ The only other original Suju member I know besides that fat guy whats his name KangDong? Wait, its ShinDong. Yeah, some fan please explain to me now how the hell he got in at that size? And why won't he lose weight wteff.

As soon as the beat started I was hooked. Then they started dancing in such synchronized movements and I am mesmerized *___*


I am completely sold on the dude in shades and that sexy black jacket. His stylist deserves a 100 effing boxes of chocolates for dressing him dammit ♥

I am pretty damn confident this guy is Chinese. Mainly because his pronunciation was spot on and didn't need any autotune to cover whatever accents unlike for certain members. So now all I need is a name. I am not going to google image them because the last time I tried to do so for Suju, I cannot bloody tell anyone apart at all as soon as they change their hairstyles which is like for every friggin 2 pictures.

Korean. I think. He reminds me of those slimy conniving businessmen on the shady side that spends all their off office hours drinking beer and stuffing their drunken faces in some slut's boobs in a rowdy bar haha. Must be the eyebrows :P

DaeSung! This was my first thought lol XD Anyway, I'm willing to bet that he is Chinese. Its practically WRITTEN ALL OVER HIS FACE lol. His eyes are totally like mine can! Can he speak English? Because he looks like he can. He looks like the ABCs here lol. At first I pegged him down as ugly but I am finding him cuter and cuter each passing second :D Need his name now too. In fact, if you're a suju fan reading this, you better give me all their names because I need to know who I'm fangirling about okay. Or not I have to call them Chinese 1, Chinese 2, Chinese 3, Korean 1, Korean 2, Ryeowook ♥, and Korean 3 wteff.

Oh and I may not know Mandarin that well but 'hai hui rang ni dian dao'??? Is this structure even grammatically correct? Because it totally sounds like something *I* would say and get blank stares from my China Chinese/Taiwanese friends. So, please to enlighten me.


alkfjkasdfhasdfas first guy I saw in Sorry, Sorry that totally stood out among a sea of not hot people. Either Suju is just fug or they all had shitty hair then, I would never know. But Ryeowook is just burning up the screen with his hotness *Q* You do not know how long it took me or the things I have to do to get his name ok. At least his face was super distinctive so once I google image his name, I could confirm it on the spot :D

Funny how he looks sorta Chinese here. Like Southeast Asian Chinese because he doesn't exactly have the I Speak Mandarin Only look. Actually, you know what? Everyone in the mv could pretty pass off as Chinese to me. It must be the hair. I used to think that I was pretty damn good at spotting which Asian come from where until my professor put me on the spot and asked me to name each place each Asian in the class came from did I realized that for guys, its HARDER than you think. Although out of like 13 I only got 2 wrong. I am still awesome XD

For girls its damn easy okay:

-Generally taller and so pale its like Snow White. Jet black hair. Copious amounts of makeup. Fashionably dress on the simplicity side: Korean.
-Generally shorter, fair or slightly tanned. Dyed blond hair or sporting a fashion cut. Copious amounts of makeup and accessories. Fashionably dressed but on the many articles of clothing put together side: Taiwanese. 
-Generally taller. Fair with jet black hair too. Dressed simply in slacks or loose t-shirts: Mainland China or HK. (Although a few are super fashionable like the Taiwanese too but then they would have black hair)
-Short. Round face with perfect perfect dainty noses all Asians would kill for: Japanese.
-Very tanned/dark with large eyes. Virgin black hair. Looks like Malay/Bumi but something is off: Filipino.
-Like Filipino but dressed in tudungs half the time: Malay.
-Can be dark or fair. Looks very much like Malaysian Chinese. Very hard to tell: Vietnamese.
-Looks like Malaysian Chinese too but looks fluent only in BM: Indonesian Chinese.
-Very similar to Malaysian Chinese too but have this hard I will not lose to you look: Singaporeans.
-Looks like Korean slash Chinese slash Japanese seriously wth is she???: Malaysian Chinese.

I can even tell between ABCs and immigrants where the former seem to never have heard of pretty shops like Forever 21 and whatnot from they way they dress. Its super fun to play this game so if you're overseas, give it a try when you're bored lol.

But what was I talking about before this? Oh yeah, Suju M :D

I cannot decide if he is hot or not. Most likely not. But yet he still have a slightly sexy aura around him. He would be better off passing as Taiwanese. Because then it would be taken for granted that he would have this calculating dominating playboy side that is very hot but also heartbreaking for you when you're finally dumped.

He reminds me of someone very much *frowns OH WAIT I KNOW WHO.

Atae Shinjiro from AAA

Only Shinjiro is way hotter. And you cannot deny it :)

Hot damn. I really reaaaally like the guy in shades. All guys should dress like that 8D-

HAHAHAHAHA. Definitely Chinese. ROFL. Like those old Chinese comedy movies ahahahaha!

Girl with shitty blond hair. Don't know why Chinese girls like to dye their hair this abominable shade. Its fuxxing ugly. Either go full out platinum blond or stick with browner shades dammit. So ahlian. And ah lians all have shitty colored hair which they think are hotshit but are in fact minus the hot.

So its a geek tries to get hot girl scenario all over again. Cliche.

Hang on a sec, someone in YT said the girl is Jessica from SNSD? So it looks super fugly on Koreans too. Honestly, unless you're those Japanese magazine models, don't bother. They all look super anime and unreal anyway so its not that bad on them.

Definitely Chinese too. Crap, I think I pegged one too many down as Chinese. There was supposed to be only THREE. Ok so which ones did I get wrong then?

'Jiro Wang'. LOL.


Should be Chinese from the way he pronounced words. I srsly have no idea anymore. Btw, I liked the first Chinese guy voice. He sings the whole way through and it sounds all breathy and smooth. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ryeowook voice too. So playfully sexy! I am a sucker for attractive voices :3

And because I can, here, have some more Ryeowook :D

Sorry I can't take better stills but he's forever singing in every frame. alsdkfhaslfd why is he so goshdarned cute *___* Like seriously. I might actually like him better than Yunho wteff.

Is it only me but is this scene just a huge turn on:

I just had to make a gif out of it 8D I liked the way the first guy just changed from shades into another guy with black suit in one twirl and aldjasdljasl I really like that Chinese boy now :3 I know the two people are different okay. I think. Are they the same person??? Damn. I really can't tell. BUT I JUST EFFING LOVE THIS PART LIKE BURNING *___*

Don't he just look sooooo familiar to you? Can you guess who he reminds you of? :)

Seriously, the HAIR alone should be clue enough.

If you say Matsujun slash Calvin Chen from FLH you are correct! True what. Look closer. And if you're shrieking in your chair now howling about how your suju guy is hotter and am I blind then you're effing wrong because:


Ok fine. That was a good pic of MatsuJun. He's not those generic good looking types but if you watched HYD (the japan version and not the other boring ones) then you'd agree that he has a certain charm in his asymmetricalness. Calvin is HOT HOT HOT though. How can you not like him Jolyn wth. Although Aaron Yan is much more yummy looking :d

Oh look dorky boy gets rejected and now undergoes transformation. How much more cliche can you really get?

Determined dork

To boring nice boy next door era 1943

To flashy disco boy

To WTH?!?!?

To Hello Baby, what'sup? *charming smile

Is this the same guy in shades previously who I declare myself sold on? Because I want his name now now now!

I hate the ending though. Because slutwhore got him still after mercilessly rejecting him in the first place. And he still danced with her. I don't like him liao. So the moral of the story is if you're hot and slutty, it does not matter how bitchy you are, guys will still like you because they all think with their dicks.


Welcome to your first reality storybook of the non fairytale kind.


Anonymous said...

1st 'Chinese' guy: Kyuhyun who's actually Korean
2nd Korean guy: Shiwon
'Daesung': Henry who's Chinese
Zhou Mi
'Nerd': Hankyung/Han Geng who's Chinese
'Jiro Wang': Dong Hae who's Korean

hana said...

AHAHAHA I GOT KYUHYUN WRONG???? Omg his pronunciation is damn good then! Totally couldn't tell :3

And oh so Shinjiro is Zhoumi. My sister was right on him not being Korean then. She just waltzed in and went 'who's the unfortunate looking Chinese dude?' XD So the 'chinese-y' vibe he was emitting was authentic LOL. I was too thrown off by Kyuhyun XD

So is Han Geng the hot dude in shades and black jacket too and also the one below Jiro Wang/I am guessing DongHae?

Wait, who the hell is above Jiro/donghae then? Kyuhyun???? If it is then omg why does he look so Hong Kong-ish lol.

Dammit this is so hard to tell :C

abi said...

MA SIWON!! my baby in super junior i cant believe u called him shady T_____T

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

"who the hell is above Jiro/donghae then?" --> that's Zhou Mi la..

u know what.. i tot of juz read ur post then i go home from work.. n i left 5 mins to leave to catch the bus.. mana tau ur post is so long yet entertaining.. so i decided to take the next bus.. haha..

n i was juz laughing all the way.. n u actually doubled a few guys in ur blog..

btw.. the gif that u made.. the shady guy is Henry.. n yup.. he knows how to speak english.. he's Canadian Chinese.. he plays violin cum breakdance.. that's how he got spot by SM..

n the nerdy guy in the MV is Han Geng.. he's the leader in this group.. coz he is the 1st chinese member in Suju.. then later come Zhou Mi and Henry..

i think those can help.. haha.. gtg..

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

"Looks like Korean slash Chinese slash Japanese seriously wth is she???: Malaysian Chinese. " i think this onli applies to u.. haha..

and i think Zhou Mi in the 1st debut, he looks like Shi Won, but this MV, he looks like Lee Teuk.. Suju's leader..

Abi~♥ said...

btw cia wants me to tell u tht ryeowook is super.. erm.. feminine. as in.. borderline gay. (her actual words were "girl in a guy's body","niang niang qiang")

woiiii siwon is super hot okayyyy he's like. the only member i LOVE in Suju. :(

seriously if u watch all the talk shows u'll noe wad i mean. his attitude is like.. Ryo. in a loud group like kanjani8, he stands out by being the silent type. Siwon's like tht.

and he doesnt look shady laaaa.

hahaha. cia is crazy bout super junior.

n yes tht girl is Jessica. ugly dumb bitch.

hana said...


I don't know whether to laugh in amusement or feel guilty XD

THAT is Zhou Mi??? Looks so damn different from his black suit pics. I still cannot tell SIGH.

Wait, so you mean the guy in shades and black jacket is Henry? YOU'RE KIDDING! OMG HE'S SO HOT!!!

And no, ALL malaysians look like a mixture of everything. Even you look Korean honestly. Even more so than me. And all my msian friends ALWAYS get mistaken for being Korean or Japanese. And people always say they can never tell what I am and just pick Korean out of the 3 simply because I am tall.

I think I know who Lee Teuk is. The guy who looks like my baby Ryeowook but is uhm uglier XD

@abi: YOU LIKE SIWON?!?! Man, your tastes are unpredictable :\ tell Cia to go die hor I LOVE RYEOWOOK! SO DAMN HOT. Although she is NOT the 1st to tell me that he is effing gay. But I don't watch their stuff so what I don't know won't hurt.


Ok lah siwon only looked super perverted in that one frame LOL. Sorry lor :P

Never liked SNSD. Shu nus get on my nerves.