Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heartbreaker Vol. 1

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Its here! It's here! My G-Dragon cd is finally here!!! :DDD

For a fleeting moment I was dreading that the Koreans in my apartment might have stolen it while I was in Vegas cuz the shipping time took way longer than expected. Isn't the packaging just amazing?! I am so lucky to have fallen for the one Kpop Ent. company that doesn't scrimp when it comes to album packaging ♥

Back view. Its says G-Dragon First Solo Album Heartbreaker within the apple.

If one were to nitpick, I guess you can say that I was slightly disappointed that the cd case is made of somewhat flimsy plastic instead of tin/metal like I expected it to be. But who cares cuz when I first ordered it, I expected a plain old normal casing and not a 3D face mold for a cover! I have GD's facemold!

Lousy YesAsia took away the poster to sell it at a higher price the bladibarskets (ha! new Manglish term I learned recently!) so I don't have it :C I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover insert! It's all thick and shiny and full of delicious GD pictures :d

I guess this is the part where I do a review on each song but guess what? I'm too lazy. My favorites are Korean Dream (ft. TAEYANG!!!! Loves!), Heartbreaker, A Boy and Breathe. They are all upbeat, unique and quite similar to Big Bang kind of stuff imo. Hello ft. Dara (2NE1) is pretty catchy too :)

Butterfly on the other hand does not sound very Korean or even Asian at all and people are saying that he 'sampled' one of Oasis song for it. Now I don't know who Oasis is but seriously, OASIS??? Doesn't that just sound super boring or what? Which the song is imo. Its not that bad however if you listen to it in the dead of the night when you're lying in bed reading a book I guess. Actually, doesn't the chorus sound like the perfect song for a Nescafe commercial where its raining and a pretty office lady is standing outside on the company's building huge marble stairs, looking glumly at the sky before opening her umbrella and proceeds to walk home as she braces the rain and sprays of water from passing cars and when she finally makes it home exhausted, her fiance is waiting for her with hot mugs of Nescafe coffee which they later sip on the couch while smiling lovingly at each other as the Nescafe logo flashes onscreen with some cheesy heartwarming line like Home is Where the Heart is or some sort. Campbell mushroom soup also can!

Gossip Man annoys me terribly. It sounds incredibly whiny and I absolutely hate the chorus part. Its draggy and downright irritating. The Leaders seem to be everyone's favorite except mine. It sounds way too hip-hop/crunk whatever for my taste and doesn't the beginning sound like some intro for a super old video-game? Preferably one where you have to fight dragons in the dead of the night to get to some princess locked away in some creepy tower with an Arabian genie somewhere. Anyway, point is I don't like the beat much. It's just so-so.

She's Gone....nothing seem to come to mind so I'm guessing its pretty forgettable and just some filler stuff. 1 Year Station is lovely though. Its an upbeat ballad and makes a perfect ending to the album.

Obviously, I do not understand a word of Korean so its useless to berate me on my opinions by telling me that the lyrics to a certain song is simply amazing and therefore so is the song. I don't care. He can be singing about sparkly rainbows or flying turds and I would still say I love the song if the beat sounded nice. Sure, there are translations but it means nothing to me if I don't get it in its original language. There is a sense of something missing when reading translations whether you want to admit it or not.

Anyway, if you love Big Bang, you'll love this album. If you love GD, even more so :D If you've never heard of either before, please click on the song titles first to sample the album cause everyone's taste in music is different after all. Although I personally think that YG Entertainment has the best music in Korea and would have a far higher chance of breaking into the US compared to others. I think the rest are just way too gay or bimboish to be taken seriously :p Back to topic, I LOVE MY GD ALBUM ♥

Ha, so much for not writing a review.


Christine said...

hanaaaaaa~~~~~~~ How much did it all costtttt???? T______________T

Maria Cuadra said...


hana said...

@Christine: 12.99 plus 3.99 shipping so 16.98 altogether. I think its more expensive now though cuz Ariel spent like around 20 bucks on hers :x

But I suggest you buy it off Ebay cuz there are people selling it for around 20 dollars too and they include the posters WHICH IS SO FREAKING HUGE I TELL YOU.

It *is* awesome isn't it :DDDD

@Maria: It definitely is! *____*