Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

Monday, August 31, 2009
So my college decided to be a pain and not cancel classes despite the wild forest fires going on around town. SoCal has an insane amount of forest fires every year its a wonder why people still build houses around these cities when they are all gonna burn down anyway. Had my first class today and I think I'm in for a crapload of trouble because who the hell knew Physical Science could be so controversial? Basically its a class where we get to insult (or to be kinder, be brutally honest to) each other online and later face to face in class ranging from topics like of how we perceive others, our prejudices, looks, religion, race, gender etc. "And so if you are sensitive would you please leave this class" wteff.

This just friggin blows I tell you.

You know you're in the bloody wrong class where the F-word is not banned but encouraged as long as you don't become what the prof calls a Phuck Chicken lol like chickens going phuck phuck phuck phuck phuckaaa and whatnot XD I know Ammy would simple adore this class if she was here.

I took the class because my counselor told me everyone said this class was interesting. Too bad I didn't know that interesting=controversial here. As much as I tend to disagree with a lot of people on a number of things, I don't like to be involve in the middle of it. I prefer just sticking to my opinions quietly and just doing as I please and all you opposition can just suck on it. I don't really care much for winning pointless arguments cuz arguing takes time and I am lazy. The assignments are like super damn long too :C

But stupid me didn't have the foresight to pick a backup class so I have no choice but to stick it out which I shall. And get an A while I'm on it *channels inner bitchiness*

Oh btw, my class had two, TWO!, sets of identical MALE twins!!! Granted they are nothing like the Hitachiins although one set is actually quite hot but I am quite prejudiced in my own right (confirm will have this prejudice beaten out of me in class later) and cannot look past certain cultures so the enthusiasm is not that high lol. Anyway, the point was cuz recently I am extremely fascinated with the idea of identical twins cuz hello just imagine the possibilities! If you cheat on one with the other (although I have no idea why since they both have the same features anyway) and accidentally got pregnant you could still pass off the child as the other twin's :D Or! If two sets of identical twins got married to each other, you could accidentally switch their children (before they see them of course) and no one would know.

Ok enough talks on twins because its bringing out all the bad in me :x

WHY IS MY G-DRAGON ALBUM NOT HERE YET?! Such utter fail YesAsia hmph. My NYX haul just came in the other day and I will do swatches of them soon-ish. Next on my list would be gray circle lenses and Eyeko tinted cream :D Oh btw I dyed my hair the other day again but the color just wouldn't friggin show unless its under direct sunlight then I look like a shining chocolate head and so I'm finally giving up on home dyes and shall just splurge on a professional job the next time.

Japanese class is tomorrow and I have handily forgotten all I had learned over the summer so byebye I shall go cram now.

PS: It feels nice to just write random crap down here like a normal journal again :)


Maria said...

I just found the link to your blog that I had saved a year ago because I read a very interseting post you wrote 2008 about j-dramas. And since I'm a huge fan of asian dramas I saved the link to the post.
Anyway, found the link and reading your blog right now, and I absolutely love it! It so full of life and it's really fun to read!^^ Well, take a look at my blog if you want to, but I'm Swedish and writing in swedish so it might be difficult to understand.^^
Have a great day!^_^

hana said...

Thank you for your kind comment :D I'm happy you found that post interesting lol. As for my life rants, ahaha I am surprised you find them fun to read. I always thought I was pretty lame XD