Thursday, August 13, 2009

USH: Spring/Summer Part 1

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Finally finished editing all the USH pictures (110 of them altogether omg) and thought I'll quickly blog about it before I go off to various places for vacation :D

Pictures are a mix of Spring where I went with SoEun (who is now back in Korea) and Summer where I went with my family. Yeah, so all in all I've been there 3 times and have finished every single ride offered. I went there first last Winter and yes, each season holds different things.

This is obviously during spring where it was still freezing. I had a free pass to bring a guest and so I brought SoEun along cuz I had only managed to sit on 2 rides the first time. And what better time to try them all than during spring where half the world are in school heh :D

My space bfs. Ok la maybe not the last two cuz they are old.

Amazingly, there were a lot of people still with like a bunch of tour groups from Japan, China and uhm other SEA countries I forgot. The Japanese are crazy ok cuz there is these two girls who were completely decked in super short mini skirts and 5 inch heels with insane hairdos wteff you think they were going to some summer party and not a theme park ah how she walk in those heels for the WHOLE DAY (I know cuz they were always in front of us for some reason) beats me.

Anyway, since I have seen nearly all there is to offer, I shall tell you what attraction is worth the wait and what isn't in case you decide to come here one day, where most likely the lines would be 991389131 feet long, so you needn't waste your time queuing for the wrong attractions.

The first attraction you should see upon arrival is of course the Studio Tour especially during winter where the sky gets dark at 4 and you can't see a thing anymore as they are too cheap to put up lamp posts. Another ride you must not miss is the Simpsons Ride above.

The waiting hall where hilarious video clips are played to ease your boredom

It is the most damn awesome simulator ride I have ever ridden (well, I have yet to visit Disneyland and other theme parks so uhm I use this term sorta loosely here atm) where whatever you see in SEA totally pales in comparison. Even the Singapore one which I already thought was pretty awesome pales a lot compared this :\

Obviously you are forbidden from taking pics of any stimulator rides so all you have is my word that its awesome. Unlike other rides where everyone is ushered into one huge theater like room, for this ride, everyone is split into groups of 8 and taken to individual rooms (all are the same) where each room is equipped with a roller coaster like carriage. Then the carriage is lifted up and the ceiling above you unfolds into a dome shaped screen haih idk how to describe. Something like a planetarium where you are surrounded completely by this huge tv screen so you're entirely thrust into a 3D world where everything seems so damn real. You tend to forget its a screen at times unless you force yourself to.

And then its like a roller coaster ride, only without the fear of worrying that a wheel would drop off causing it to crash, but still as scary and maybe more. You are thrust into the ocean, flown sky high, trapped in Maggie's mouth with water droplets splashing in your face to resemble saliva and smells of baby powder emitted into the room before being thrown down into the fiery pits of hell and dragged back again to earth. Thanks to the other special effects like splashes of water and compressed air, it feels more real than it can ever be. More fun than roller coasters too because heck, here you get an adventure ride instead of just seeing blue skies while trying hard not to puke.

Marge and Maggie

Went around the whole park later chasing all the Simpsons to snag a pic with them. We did managed to hunt them all down and I shall post Bart's one later.

Face super weird here wteff. Was in the middle of a smile ah suku photographer -_-

Whoever Homer Simpson is, he is WONDERFUL. Even while his bossy pole-stuck-up-his-ass manager was busy shooing everyone away and asking Homer to move along, he just blatantly ignore him and continued entertaining all the kids clamoring to take a picture with him. You, who were in the costume that day, you totally get all my respect *salute

Ya who is this mascot also cuz I love him. So charming ok like a mascot Tamaki where he lifts your hand and kiss it softly before gently pulling you closer to him to take a pic alsdkjalsda charm points 5/5 ok ♥

Guess who we saw next!

Hello Marilyn Monroe I LOVE YOUR PINK CAR!!!! She may not have her curves but she most definitely has her attitude. All confident and sexy and blond bombshell-y.

I feel like an inferior self-conscious walrus next to her ok T___T


He is super creepy ok cuz he just grabbed us before shoving us roughly against his chest and then suddenly midway through the picture taking, his body just started to vibrate all over while emitting these purring sounds omg talk about weird ok. If he wasn't Frankenstein I confirm would sue for sexual harassment or something ah wteff.

Ok, another ride worth sitting is the Jurassic Park River Adventure although it is best ridden during summer. Why? Because during the summer, they turned on all sprinklers at full blast and the nasty wet surprise at the end of the ride is probably the most fun you'll ever have here :D

Note of advice if you plan to ride this during the summer: Don't wear white, don't wear a black bra, wear a bra for goodness sake, and skip the ponchos. Its no fun with it on ok. And you'll dry very fast in CA weather anyway.

All pictures of this ride were taken during spring where there were minimal water splashes cuz its super cold and you don't want anyone catching pneumonia now do you?

During the summer however, its impossible to take any pictures unless you have a waterproof camera cuz the entire ride is practically dripping with water and where dinosaurs would happily spit a blast of water at you every 3 minutes.

Definitely way more fun in the summer cuz you'll have people screaming every time a dinosaur rear its head to spray us with water. You'll think a T-rex was out to eat us with the way people were screaming lol.

I have no idea why we bother screaming or squirming to avoid those blasts of water since we're all gonna get hit by it anyway but humans are stupid creatures who think that maybe, just maybe, we might not get hit this time. With the emphasis on might. But its fun to hope anyway :)

The whole place was just like a refreshing oasis. I wonder if the trees and shrubs are real or fake. Most probably fake cuz everything was too clean and beautiful with strategically placed moss.

Ok I am running out of things to write here except the whole ride was very peaceful and serenely beautiful. I can understand why the old guy wanted to make a park full of dinosaurs then. But I still think he could have left out the man eating dinosaurs -__-

Am Asian. Must camwhore :P

I am dinosaur. Hear me roar!

Camwhored again. I so want a nose job after looking at SoEun. Yah I lied and photoshopped my nose smaller because it really looked bulbous next to hers ok. However, I suck at photoshop so I think it looks pretty stupid now. But nevermind, its smaller and that is all that matters :D I am surprised btw that the guy manning the ride in the beginning knew that we were both Chinese and Korean respectively by greeting us in our own language instead of usually lumping us as Korean twins like everyone else always do to us wteff.

I lied when I said the whole ride was peaceful. This is the last peaceful pic you'll see before you're suddenly aware that your boat is purposefully going in the wrong direction....

Hello creepy looking place that spells nothing but death...

Note danger signs... You know, in case you dunno you're about to face horrible horrible stuff...

Man-eating dinosaur eating some poor park ranger. I think there was blood.

Hahaha why so cute. Two baby man-eating dinosaurs fighting over popcorn ^^

Right before it slid down and tilted over our heads. I was a tiny bit afraid the wires might accidentally snap causing the car to crash down on us. I think too much for my own good I know.

The last thing you see before you are plunged into darkness with dinosaurs dropping down from the vents above or screeching right beside you ear damn scary ok I don't care if its not real its still scary! Then you're lead on for another 2 minutes or so till you come to a gigantic waterfall which parts at the last minute revealing A HUGE T-REX HEAD ROARING WITH ITS OPEN HUNGRY MOUTH DOWN AT YOU AND YOU SCREAM BEFORE PLUNGING DOWN THIS TERRIFYING 85 FOOT HIGH VERTICAL DROP OMG WHERE YOUR WHOLE BODY JUST LIFTS FROM THE SEAT AND YOU WONDER IF YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT AND IS THE BOAT STILL ATTACHED TO ITS RAILING OMG!!!

Like this! Only darker and scarier with extra sound effects! Pic taken off their website btw. I promptly put away my camera as soon as we entered the tunnel cuz I have no idea what we might face and knowing me, I would most likely drop my camera in fright so I thought keeping it was safer. Damn good idea too cuz it would have never survived that crazy drop.

Look! Pretty rainbow!

I totally forgot how scary it was until I re-sat it a second time with my parents during summer and got the shock of my life because I srsly didn't remember it being that scary then. And guess what? For their summer special....

You get thoroughly soak on the way down. And I really do mean thoroughly. Its even worse if you're in the front. I was at the back so only my top half was wet but omg wet is wet and its like someone just dunk you into a pool.

Video because animation is always better than pic:

Yes, laughing at people's misfortune and their horribly shocked faces as they got drenched unexpectedly is highly entertaining! :D

Some pictures of the little towns cuz its super cute.

I think they are all souvenir shops. Never had the time to go into any of them though :C Maybe next time when my cousins come to visit lol.

No he is not real

Not your average toilet lol. Fit for royals XD

Say hello to stupidity. So me and So Eun decided that its a good idea to give the House of Horrors a go since neither of us had ever been into one before. Well, I have... back when I was 7 and Kuching had this festival where there was a ghost tunnel and I insisted we got on (my parents and poor 2nd sis) only to find disappointment as not a single ghost did I see and all I heard was some cheap wailing. Then mummy told me it was at the side of the tunnels ah wteff and so I insisted to ride it a 2nd time and wteff said ghosts looked like horrible last minute old sheets thrown on...stuff.

And with this in mind, I naively assumed that ALL horror houses are the same and thought 'well why the hell not? Just how bad can it be? Its all FAKE anyway'. Yah, that is stupidity and delusion talking.

Anyway, there was a bunch of people too so really, lots of people = less scary. Well, that is what I thought. Plus the attendant told us that none of the ghouls would touch us. Yes, they would wail, scream, make grabbing motions, chase, run after you but no they would not touch you so can you please please please not hit, punch, kick, lash out, whip or knee them in the groin. Lol and she sounded desperate too so I assume many must have kicked those poor workers out of fear hahahaha.

I kept my camera this time round too because I did not want to drop it okay! And thus began my nightmare......

First of all, the whole crowd of people I saw minutes earlier? Totally disappeared! All I had left was SoEun and to my dismay its not a ride but a walk-through oh the horror I srsly wanted to run out then and it wasn't even 10 seconds into the tunnel T___T Another minute later and we were in this mummy adorned passage and I just knew that one of them had to be real but even then nothing could stop the scream when one jumped out in front of me.

It was then SoEun realized I make a horrible friend, like those kind who would leave you to fend on your own and die if you were to be stuck in a haunted house together, cuz she fell in fright and after 2 seconds of trying to pull her up to no avail I gave up and ran away screaming in fright cuz the stupid mummy won't stop waving his hands in my face.

I am horrible.

The mummy was also quite pitiful because he was shocked when she fell and tried to reached out to help her out but she only screamed and cower lower when he did and so he was at a loss hahaha he must be cursing the day he just had to meet two nutcases.

After she managed to get up and catch up to me, easy cuz I refuse to move from my spot as soon as I confirmed that nothing around me moved, we ran along into oh the horror, a winding passage with mirror covered walls T_______T I looked at the floor the entire time and was mumbling prayers a mile a minute so I have no idea if the mirrors hold any nasty illusions.

My prayer seemed to be answered though cuz deng deng deng we ran into an old couple in front of us and I clung to them like my life depended on it ever since. However, it was totally a wrong move to make because all the stupid ghosts and ghouls REFUSE TO SCARE THEM cuz they are old and were probably afraid of causing them heart failure so GUESS WHO GOT ALL THE BRUNT OF THE SCARES???????


We passed a good many things but I have no idea what they are cuz all my time was spent screaming my head off like some dying woman and from watching me, you'll agree that I make a damn good B movie actress. All the lines like 'omg no please no. stay away from me. HELP!!! please I beg you' along with perfectly cracked voice seem to spill unconsciously off my tongue and I know this because the old guy in front kept teasing me for this after tmd. SoEun on the other hand tend to fall and cover her head in fright instead. Ya so she'll probably die first even if I weren't a horrible friend. At least I can still run.... Although I'll still die in the end cuz karma's always a bitch.

I remembered the Chucky playhouse the evil sick doll I hope someone grinds him into tiny little cotton balls and burn it to ashes before burying it under the sea cuz one of the Chucky statue suddenly came alive and chased us and its a miracle the warning 'please don't kick them' suddenly flashed in my mind and I still had half the sense to heed it or stupid midget would have been kicked to the heavens. Starlight-o kick indeed. My actions know no limit when terrified I tell you.

After that horrible sadistic doll was MY WORST OF THE WORST NIGHTMARE EVER: Bodybags.

Dammit la by that time I was about to just huddle in a corner and knock myself out forever. Can you imagine having to walk through it with the dead bodies swinging into you and I was absolutely terrified that one of the bodies would spring to life and grab me T______T Thankfully, they were all dummies. And you know the old couple I was talking about? tmd ok the old man, who seem to find us highly amusing wteff, decided that it would be funny, FUNNY!, to swing those bodybags into our faces the motherfracker I swear if I wasn't so terrified to death I would have stolen the knife from Freddy Kruger and make him the latest addition to one of those bags tmd I am still so pissed when I think about it. I was screaming ok, my face was pale and I even begged him to stop. BEGGED! On my knees again! And I don't beg. You think old people would be more understanding but no. Screw them all I vow never to be nice to old people in horror houses.

That is if I ever go back into such places again. Which is no freaking way.

After that we met the real Frankenstein and half a dozen werewolfs and idk what and I don't wanna remember and not like I can anyway cuz everything was a scary screaming pleading blur. You think that knowing that they are fake and simply people in costumes would help but no. My stupid brain apparently is incapable of digesting such information and this is why I refuse to watch horror movies ever since I was forced into watching one at tuition when I was 10.

Inconsiderate a*holes monsters only chase me more when I begged them not to. Hate them all. Will never go into another horror house again for as long as I live unless I bring two The Rock clones with me.

Lost my voice soon after too D:

Take this attraction only if you think you can handle it or not everything is a worthless blur. imo, its still one of the pretty meh attractions (unless its Halloween then everything changes and no way I'm gonna try it then) and you could do without it if you don't have the time.

BUT! If you're a girl and your date is some poor innocent unknowing hot guy then TAKE THIS ONE OK CONFIRM SEAL YOUR FANTASIES (^.^)v And probably snag him for reals in the process too. Saa, who knows right? :P

Happier times before I lost half my soul to that nightmare house:

This is probably the skinniest I will ever get in my life *sad

Found a Spongebob shop!

omg so cute!!!! Literally 'foot in mouth' ah wteff lol


SoEun with Patrick!

And after like HOURS of hunting him down...... Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!!!

Spongebob Squarepants himself!!!!! Omg I am not kidding when I said we spent hours combing the place for him cuz by then we had pretty much taken photos with every character in the place except for him. And as soon as we spotted him, we ran all the way screaming SPONGEBOB OOOH ITS YOOOU DON'T GOOOO while scaring all the kids around him in the process. But the dirty looks from parents were worth it cuz I don't care hor, I die die shall take a pic with him! :D

Funnel cake! A must eat food if you go to any theme park. Honestly, its not that awesome but everyone says funnel cakes are a must when visiting theme parks so I thought it would be a waste not to try it. Its basically fried uhm dough maybe? With strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Quite nice lah and you should try it just for tradition sake :)

Ok I shall end this post here because I have to get up early to go to Malibu tomorrow morning (yay suntanning at beach!) for some retreat for 3 days and so I'll see if I can get the 2nd part up before I leave for Las Vegas and Arizona (Grand Canyon! :D). Till then, have a lovely summer you all!


Lance said...

the house of horror sounds sooo much fun compare to our err...ghost ride? >_>

Amanda said...

the dog's name is crash, you videogame n00b. wish i was there T__________T


hana said...

@lance: it is. as much as i am terrified of it :C

@ammy: OOH CRASH. SO COOL A NAME. i wish u were here too then i could have sacrificed you to appease the ghouls.


Cia said...

OMFG HANA IM SOOOO JEALOUS NOW. like seriously. I WANNA GO CA now now now!
freakin PARACHUTE VA is there!!! in freakin california! dammit. (i can practically predict yr "who the fuck is that" look. sigh. u might even run into them n u wouldnt even noe. *depressed*

hana said...

They call her Love Love Love Love Love....

I don't get why people like you WON'T JUST TELL ME STRAIGHT OUT WHO THEY ARE WITH LINKS when you know so well that I have no idea who the hell they are -____-'

And why? Are these parachuting people famous? And why shouldn't they be in CA? I thought all superstars are in LA what else is new lol.