Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UC Berkeley

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
So I finally got my internet back :D

I'll love to resume blogging about my normal everyday life or FANGIRL ABOUT 2NE1/BB/Final Fantasy/Fahrenheit/Tegomass but I just want to get all the backlog of photos up so yeah, those would have to wait :C I think I should really blog every two days (not gonna happen) cuz its now summer and events are popping up faster than my lazy self is willing to blog about them.

Anyways, pictures of my dream school! *prays hard that I'll be accepted* btw, why doesn't any of my friends post pictures of their school cuz I am curious as to how Australia's or NZ's universities look like. Heck, I don't think any of them ever update about the places in those countries :C OI POST SOME OKAY.

Chemistry department? Or was it engineering? I cannot remember... Either way, both are no.1 in the nation if I'm not mistaken. Actually, nearly all departments are no.1 in the nation so I have no idea why is it not as prestigious as Harvard ah is it because its a public school and not private.

The 4th largest library in the US right here

This is the main one (there are like idk 4 others I think) and is designed to look Greek cuz the architect had a vision of Berkeley being the Athens of...haiyar I cannot remember lar ish I would so make a sucky tour guide *taps around in Google* ohh found it! So he has a vision of Berkeley being the "Athens of the West". Athens then was supposedly the learning center of Greece so that explains it.

A super tiny section of the library. Place is crazy huge!

Enter through the archway and...


Confirm can get lost and this is like only one of the many sections

Like Beauty and the Beast can?! *____*


The Asian library or something to that extent. And underneath this huge lawn is a research library. They like dug up the whole lawn to build it. Now that's dedication...

How it looks like inside (underground library)

Spiral stairs! ♥

Can't go inside cuz its restricted to Berkeley's own students only

Mark Twain and me. Thought it was Thomas Edison at first cuz well, doesn't it look like Edison to you? Also vow to never tie my hair up again cuz while it looks nice in real life, it doesn't translate very well in pics wteff. Blouse was also a size too large wteff thinking that L would be nicer cuz its super loose and billowy and therefore would give off the illusion that I'm so skinny but instead it just looks as if I stole my church's curtain wteff. Or the priest's robe.

Botany department. Although I think its simply an environmental science building now.

Or not. It says life science here...

My hopefully soon to be uni has their very own T-Rex which they excavated and put together. Does yours?


Which is a bell tower with many bells and where certain students actually once played the Super Mario theme song on it wteff I also wanna hear! When I get accepted I shall join the team and play like Big Bang songs on it, ringing throughout the whole town for everyone to hear ah wteff.

Some secluded place that looks like a villa instead of a classroom

Sprout Hall


Haas School of Business

Ok so this is some random pic I took outside of the campus simply cuz it makes a pretty picture.

So the campus was like super huge and unlike UCLA, every building was pretty unique and hardly uniformed. There's like a ton more places which I didn't manage to take pics of and idk how not to get lost in here cuz I heard scary stories of students being lost in certain buildings for hours thinking they would never see the sunlight again wteff.

Am quite sad this time round that I didn't managed to sit in on a lecture too because the professor for the class I picked canceled his class that day (-_-)" There was also like one student from Yale who took classes here for the summer haih I feel so inadequate next to them all.

Nevertheless, I still want to study here ok who doesn't want to study in one of the best universities in the world? Must study hard and do tons of community service this fall and be on the Dean's Honor Roll again (was on it this semester yay praise God!) ok nerd mode on now ah wteff.


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