Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shoes ♥

Thursday, June 11, 2009
So I'm officially addicted to online shopping~♪

Anyways, my new heels and wedges arrived 2 weeks ago and as promised (to Ammy), here are pictures of my lovely new shoes. Picture quality is kinda sucky cuz I used 2nd sis camera phone as all my cameras batteries were dead after I got home from lunch at Hilton :C

4 inches of shiny golden prettiness ♥

Side view

Yes yes so I'm like 6ft1 with it on and everyone kept staring before looking down at my feet wteff why yes I am still taller than you people without heels thankyouverymuch.

I seriously adore heels. It makes you feel upbeat, sexy and confident in a second :3

Not to mention that its great for your posture ^.^

But it does horrible stuff for your love life cuz the world isn't exactly swimming with Yunhos or WuChuns (actually I like Aaron Yan better :D) wteff but I am too superficial to care atm.

My wedges. I don't really like these though cuz I think I look anorexic in them :C

Like those anime girls with thin legs but huge chunky shoes wteff super weird irl I tell you. But money spent is money spent so I have to wear it somehow....

In case you want to know, I bought these shoes at amiclubwear.

I don't know about diamonds but shoes?

Are definitely a girl's best friend baby ♥


Ivan said...

ur post makes guy's horny . anyway . get me a pair of sneakers will ya ? i'll pay u back .

hana said...


I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THERE WERE GUY READING MY BLOG. Like its so pink they'll probably cringe and melt into a puddle of something lol.

what type of sneakers?

Ammy said...


why do yu have long legs and i have stumps yet we still insist on calling ourselves twins ah? we havegot to be THE most un-look-alike twins ever.

hana said...

fraternal twins? lol

oh stop the stumps thing. I already have ariel for that who whines the whole day about her fat ankles and calves and such.

and you do not have stumps cuz if you do then the whole kuching is filled with stumpy girls -rolls eyes-

and you have boobs now shutup and gimme a cupsize.

Leira said...


I hate hannah. Oh well, at least she has short body. WAHAHAHAHA. (like anyone cares, sobz)

Ammy said...

jos says your wedges very pretty!

and yes ariel, we should totally make those clubs where we gather each week and lament upon our legs T_T

hana said...

tell jos i love her ah thank you very much *beams*

Joyce said...

YIKES! Hannah your legs are sooooooo nice! I'm short (well averaged sized asian so around 5ft 6-7) and love all my heels as if they were my babies :)
How many pairs of shoes do you have xx

hana said...

Oh you're Asian too? :D

And 5ft6 or 7 is SO NOT SHORT.

All my friends are like way way shorter than that!

I'm only 5ft8 lol.

Ah my love for shoes had only started after I came back to the US and so my collection is still small since its only been a year XD But so far I have like 14 I think. I will definitely continue to buy more sigh I think I'm a shoe addict.