Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The reason for my lack of blogging lately is because...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
...of the tons of assignments.

OK THAT'S A LIE. Well, half of it. Cuz technically I still have a few more papers and exams to go but that isn't the main reason cuz I find myself having a reasonable amount of free time every now and then and refuse to put them to good use like idk, writing my paper maybe so I can stop whining away about it.

But the real reason I'm not blogging lately is because, like what I told Ammy a few minutes ago, I am slowly becoming a shallow vapid airhead ah where all my free time is either spent shopping/browsing online, reading reviews on said shop items or perusing those beauty blogs discussing the latest nail art or makeup. Or! Trying out my online shopping buys or the latest beauty technique I'd just read.

I have no idea what is going on with NEWS or BigBang (actually this one I do, their new Japanese single My Heaven is out and TaeYang is so damn gorgeous in it and GD's long hair, shitty as it is, is so much love when tied up mmm) or any dramas whatsoever so no I won't be updating on any of these. So much for thinking I could rely on fandom to keep my blog alive. Fandom just bores me nowadays.

I have like a ton and I do mean A TON of backdated pictures to uhm edit and resize but like I am so lazy to do so and promise myself I will get to it during the summer when my entire family goes back to Malaysia for the holidays, leaving me behind here. Very alone. And very likely to end up with tons more of shopping goods and goodness knows what wah I am starting to fear for myself. But the bright side would be me becoming super damn skinny because I would be so lazy to cook and would just eat salad everyday. Or fruits. lol.

So yeah, I doubt you want to hear me ramble about lip stains (I mean the cosmestic product and not what you find on your cheating bf's shirt collar wteff) or eyeliner or shoes hence the dead blog. Unless you do then I shall ramble on to earth's end :D

Anyway, a slew of vapid pictures to end this vapid post wteff:

Florescent lights are so much love because they make me look like Snow White ♥

Awesome bronze lipstick I bought online which would be perfect for Summer~♪

Pink french tips with glitter.

Sigh, I am slowly turning into a bimbo wteff.

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