Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Daily MLIA Posts

Thursday, June 4, 2009
♪ Today I wore boots to school. Jessica Simpson lied. Boots are meant for anything but walking. I now have sore toes and it hurts like hell. But I cannot help squishing it because the pain feels good. Like how when you have a loose tooth and it hurts but when you press it harder it hurts more but the pain is a better pain?

Or maybe I'm just a closet sadist wteff.

♪ Today we got to play CSI in bio lab and I realized just how shitty being a CSI is. I am all wonky eyed from peering into microscope after microscope staring at fibers and hair strands that all look alike to me. Fingerprints and handwriting are worse. I would most likely put the wrong person in jail.

My answer to the crime was also wrong I think cuz it was supposed to be really short but mine came out like an epic drama. Its probably very CSI worthy though cuz I had love triangles, affairs, lies, deceit and surprising twists. I may be a total suck at real crime scenes but I can so write awesome plot lines.

♪ Mummy was too tired to pick me up after school and so I walked. And found myself outside Target's doors. I am poorer yet again with new makeup products I think I don't really need. But I think CG's Aqua Smooth Foundation is pretty awesome and pwns BB creams. Which are useless unless you have porcelain skin which would then be stupid because who needs coverage then???

♪ I cannot wait for Saturday for reasons I wish I can write here but can't because I have nosy friends and family who won't stop questioning me until I spit everything out.

♪ I wish my sister doesn't read my blog so I can write out my childish wishes and dreams. But I can't so I shall just do so on my new secret blog :)


Ariel said...

i feel the same thing too. let's stop reading each other's blog. hmm.

hana said...


but you force me to read.

but can you NOT read mine?

i doubt it.


Lance said...

whats "Target's door" ?

hana said...

Oh Target is a departmental store in the US lols.