Thursday, May 7, 2009

NASA JPL Open House

Thursday, May 7, 2009
This is a boring as bean paste blog post which I'm posting just for the sake of being able to delete the folder off my HDD to make more space for BB stuff remembrance. I only went cause someone made that our SPLIT outing and daddy said it would be a good experience what with NASA being world famous and all.

I also went mainly because I wanted to see rockets (’-’*) フフ

But all I got was a giant walking battery robot wth how potong steam ( ̄へ ̄)

There were like an insane amount of people there too you'll think it was some food fair. What is there to see really idek.

I don't even have the mood to muster up any interesting captions so uhm let the pics do the talking...

They lied. Either that or Martians are Hispanics yo.

whattheheck this look like my friend's high school science project. Just 100 times larger D: If I'm not wrong, its their latest space robot or something. I wasn't really listening so uhm yeah. The guys however were so excited the whole time and asked a million and one questions till I had to break away because they were making me feel stupider and stupider each passing second.

Meh. I think Japan robots are far prettier. Granted, 1000 times creepier...but still pretty.

Natasha sitting in the baby stroller wteff. We bonded over BB lol. She was playing some Korean song and I asked for the title and she was like oh its Baby I'm Sorry by TaeYang and I'm like wth TaeYang sang that? and she was all wait you know Big Bang? and I'm like excuse me they're like my one and only fav. Korean band ever (am also showing how lousy of a fan I am for not knowing TaeYang song in the first place wteff) and she practically screamed and then we both screamed about going to see them together if they ever come here till Alan freaked out and bolted from the car lol.

She is also the only other person I know who uses LJ and asked me to add her and I am stuck in a dilemma cuz its kind of my only private journal where I can freely post my daily life rants with no one I know in rl to judge me on. Also, there are one too many tegomasu posts in there *hides* But dammit I want someone to flail with over BB in LJ wteff. Decisions decisions ( ̄~ ̄;)

A tractor that survived alien bombings thus the absence of the top part where you sit in.

Alien egg. Or ovaries. idek.

Wah automatic multi-hand bug swatter! Or not. Clearly I have no idea what half the things are and am making them up as I go along...

You know its an effing sad day when you see this, perk up immediately and go OOH SMAP!!!! JE!!!! NAKAI!!! UTABAN!!! WHEN ARE NEWS GOING ON THAT SHOW AGAIN?! I keep seeing my fandom in everything its damn sad I tell you D:


But wtheff is this my cousin has a poster dedicated to her. Fine Lisa, you win.

Heat censors. I am the one in the back holding the cam and I think I like this thing cuz it makes me look so skinny *___*

alkfdhaklshfkljas King's baby boy he is so cute I tell you. So chubby and squishy I love! This is also the part where I spazz about how not all Asian guys are useless discourteous people like I once thought because all the guys in my group took turns pushing the stroller around and carrying it up and down the stairs without the mother even needing to ask unlike those from a certain place who would just stare at you like you turned green and grew two antennas even after you politely ask them to help. I am impressed.

I love it here really. Its like all guys are bred with a sense of courtesy. Whoever said chivalry was dead has obviously not been to America.

Robo dome ooh is this a dome where robots fight each other? I was itching to go in but we had to leave bah the only thing I'm remotely interested in and I don't get to see it.

Oh wow look its the end of this incredibly boring post about my incredibly boring time at JPL. I kind of dislike the place cuz there are no cool snazzy looking robots and the way everyone was sprouting scientific terms only made me feel even more shallow in my 4-inch ankle boots and miniskirt.

I still demand to see my rockets. Or a jet at the very least. It is after all the Jet Propulsion Laboratory no? So where is my jet...


Mei-Wah said...

erm... interesting~ :)
lol... i prefer you blogged bout cute korean guys cos that's the only way i can drool and cuci mata wtf.

hana said...

LOL go get a LJ account then and join the comms then you'll get like tons of hot guy pics a day XD