Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ooh I want you, you rock me, you rock me, you rock me in

Thursday, April 9, 2009
I don't care what people say, Britney Spears latest album is still damn awesome to me ♥

Anyway, today was one craptastic day. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Drove to class for the first time ever and the only road which I know how to get there was blocked due to some construction. Like RIGHT BEFORE THE PARKING ENTRANCE.


Was ready to cry bucket of tears as I drove on into some unknown road because I have no other roads to turn into dammit. Managed to find another familiar looking road by sheer luck while blindly circling my way throughout the city.

Then I had to go and scratch someone's car in the parking lot because I have a bigass van thanks to my large family. Guess what cars most students drive and now guess for what kind of cars are the parking lots built for. Enlightenment of the day: Bigass vans and compact parking spaces do not go together.

Guy was pretty cool about it though so I just left my number with him because I was late for my Stats test and now that its over (I BLEW THE TEST BTW SO I AM VERY MISERABLE NOW TOO CUZ I AM AN IDIOT WHO READS TOO DEEP INTO SOMETHING THAT IS MEANT TO BE SIMPLE. Stupid colored bowling balls T___T) I realized that I gave him the wrong number (2nd sis is holding my number and is currently in Washington DC) so he's gonna think I'm a lying bitch when he can't get a hold of me. Might even be reported to the police wth. Hello possible jail time!

Got myself lost in the parking lot of the gym later. Have no idea how I ended up in the other half of the building (Citibank wth) and couldn't find my way back to LA Fitness despite circling the lot like 15 times. Damn horrible feeling I tell you where all around you are identical concrete walls and you can't pause to figure out your direction because there are lines of cars behind you dammit. Some stupid chick drove in the wrong lane at high speed too and would have rammed into me had I not blast my horn loudly at her. So anyway, I had to like exit the building in the end and re-enter it from the original entrance again like some noob and this time by sheer gut feeling managed to find the right turning to the gym. Screw signs I say. Which totally misled me in the first place. GUT FEELINGS FTW. Despite how statistics says otherwise.

Someone should make GPSes for parking lots. Effing win I tell you.

And will people stop trying to re-add me in FB? It's getting a little annoying. So I went through my friends list a couple times and did a few cuts. I'm sorry but I feel uncomfortable having unknown people in my list. Or like people I've met but never talked more than 5 sentences to. Or people whose lives I (to be honest) really couldn't care less about so I needn't put up with tons of bad-lighting pics and whiny rants constantly flooding my homepage. Maybe I'm being anal but I am OCD just like that and like my privacy :)

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