Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Because lately I keep coming across hilarious pictures of toy designs gone horribly wrong XD

For example, this batman squirt gun we have here:

HAHAHA seriously idek where to start. The fact that he is bent over in a weird position (I am thinking that catwoman and her whip is packaged separately). The butt plug stuck in his ass. Or how the trigger is located right in the middle of his nether regions for you to pump at furiously in order for it to.......squirt. It's a squirt gun what. The overly red face is so not helping either.

Speaking of superheroes, Wolverine from X-men refuses to be left out of all the fun too:


Subtle? What subtle? Real men don't do subtle. Especially not superheroes. Now blow before he gets all mad.

Somebody tell me where can I get this so I can give it to my guy friends while I sit back and laugh myself silly as I watch the masculinity zap out of them with each blow of air heehee.

Ok enough of those testosterone charged toys and now for the cute and cuddly. Really, how can cute cuddly things go wrong is beyond me but apparently they can too.

What happened to just using good ol' honey pots?

Hmm...whatcha hiding under that sombrero of yours Winnie? ;D Guess someone must be sneaking more than just honey lately if that huge -now lecherous- grin is anything to go by.

Now seriously, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS:

'An alien with an abnormally long dong duh.'

YES I KNEW THAT. But what I meant was, what is it for? Like how do one even play with it? The toy as a whole and not the stick, you sicko. Or is it some decor like thingy for you to stick it into anything you like? Anyway, the spread out position? Opened mouth with crazy orgasmic rolled eyes? If that thing does not scream 'screw me' loud and clear, I don't know what does.

I have a feeling its sold in like everyday stores like Target or Walmart too for little kids to see. It is never too young to teach your kids the pressure of sexuality society. And they say Barbie makes girls grow up feeling inferior. I think I feel more for the guys D: That is a lot of inches yo.

The next toy isn't really all that funny until I read the article:

Apparently, its a toy slug (eww, a slug of all things) used to promote environmental awareness among children. Which would have been a great cause had they not chose the wrong mascot and an even wronger outfit. The article say and I quote: They may as well revise the website to read, "Save our trees," "Protect our animals," and "Always wear a condom."


Lastly, where there is perversion, you can count on Japan being a part of it.

Say hello to Pikachu:

Seriously, the kid....wth.

I don't even know what to say.

Sigh, toys nowadays.


Mei-Wah said...

that was hilarious! :) so pity the kids nowadays. pikachu/batman/etc took away their parent's role in teaching them sex education. lol~

Hannah's Father said...

we need to talk about this issue. please come and talk to me as soon as you see this message *stern*

hana said...

@meiwah: Nah, it gave them an opening opportunity to teach them about it lol.

@my father: At 8.35 am you were in the CAR with me. And spent the whole week and today worrying about your exams and cramming like anything. Plus shouldn't it be 'daddy' instead of 'Hannah's Father'. Why so COLD.

So I am guessing that this is an impostor.

But if it turns out that I'm wrong, I wish you'll give me my own space and stop harassing me about my blog constantly.

Ammy said...


it was me. sorry =C

eiChi said...

epic. oh noes... and its yellow.. expression so happy.. oh noooes~