Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th yo

Friday, March 13, 2009
So I sat for my driving test today.

Because I am not superstitious although many are seeing as how the DMV was like totally void of the usual crowd so I didn't have to wait for hours under the scorching sun for my turn :D

I was feeling all chipper and confident, marveling at how things were going so smoothly and how I would be home in a shorter time than anticipated. ONLY right at the last minute, when it was my turn to sit for the test, the examiner discovered that I was lacking the blue license sticker for this year (some kind of road tax thing) on my car plate and refused to let me sit for the test unitl I get one.

Apparently, SOME MOTHER*^%#$@% IDIOT STOLE THE STICKER OFF MY CAR PLATE THE MORON >:(' And so I was sent back to the office to apply for a replacement sticker which cost me an extra hour of waiting time and 18 bucks (18!!!!! Just add $1 and can buy THIS already ok!) alfjhaljhflkahflas I was angry. So was daddy. How can some people just rip off other people car license sticker omg I hope he/she falls into a drain really I do. And why is the DMV not smart enough to put some sort of identification trait on the stickers so it can't be used by others?????

I also lost the nice guy examiner in the process!

And got this strict looking woman one instead when I went back in line for my test T________T I don't like women examiners. In fact, I don't like women anything as they are mostly picky, meticulous and like nothing better than to give you a hard time. Stupid sticker stealer I hope someone steal yours too. Only it would be MINE they are re-stealing again so you falling into a drain is still a better fantasy. Only America have no open drains now that I think about it so uhm well, I hope you hit a cow in Texas (because I cannot think of any animal big enough to run into in LA) and get your ass sued by PETA.

And here's to the woeful tale of my horrid luck at snagging this woman examiner who nit-picked on nearly everything I did like saying how I did not come to a complete halt at stop signs (I SO DID. THERE WAS EVEN THE TINY JERK YOU FEEL WHEN YOU BRAKE COMPLETELY HMPH) or how I slowed up traffic at one point where I was to change lane and this is the part where I tell you the story of stupid drivers who speed up when I speed up and slow down when I slow down, leaving this 'alang-alang' gap like an unreachable desert oasis where I can see the space for me to change lane but can't because his stupid car head is right beside the tail of my car leaving me helpless to do anything the moron just how did he pass anyway?!

However..........despite all these unfortunate events, I PASSED YO!!!!! :DDDDDDD


Only thing is I now have to buy car insurance so I need to find a job T____T I can't drive my dad's car without insurance now that I've pass wth I think I was better off when I had no license cuz I needn't pay a cent then T_____T

Also discovered that the picture for my driving license would be the picture they took of me when I first registered for my written test, which coincidentally was the time where I was my fattest with bad hair and had yet to discover the awesome combination that is eye glue and eyeliner T___________T

It's like life is out to get me until I'm old and haggard with 27 cats T____T


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no idea.

i don't care anymore really as i cannot tell what car is expensive and what is not here. the variety of cars here is like enormous till to me its simply transport to get you from one place to another lol.

honestly, i cannot tell who is rich and who isn't by their cars here so if i can't, im pretty sure no one can't either, and if that is the case, who the hell cares anymore? why buy an expensive one if no one can tell lol so im buying something affordable that would leave me enough to go to Japan with XD

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congrats on the license!

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