Monday, February 16, 2009

New Layout

Monday, February 16, 2009

Because it had gotten to the point where I intensely dislike the previous one. It was too loud. Too overly pink. Too reminiscence of xx. Too associated with memories of ridiculous teenage angst and horrible manglish. Too childish.

It kept affecting my desire to blog anything remotely serious because one look at it, and all I can see and feel is 'silliness only please'. All my thoughts written down in my rawest moments immediately becomes inane and superficial in contrast to the frivolity of the layout.

Hence the creation of an entirely new layout, a style similar to that of livejournal which I love
Although significantly reduced, I still kept the color pink as the main color scheme because it is still my fav. color and also a subtle reminder to remain joyous and carefree and not be bogged down by penning one too many emotional posts.

Lastly, time flies and I am no longer the angsty 15 year old high-schooler with social insecurities but a 19 year old college sophomore instead. So I think if there is a moment in life that calls for a change, one of them would be now :)

ps: Thank you lei for helping me touch up my banner. I love you


sinnead said...
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Mei-Wah said...

nice layout! :)
me loving it~
especially the gerbera.

Ammy said...

loving the new layout, hana!

and you said you're not good at designing layouts and kept pushing ariel at me hmmph *grumbles*

hillabilly said...

XD.... me like the new layout.

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh.. nice layout.. i think is time for me to change my layout too..

Leira said...

@ Hannah: Oh, of course you should love me.

@ Ammy: I'm still number 1 in layouts. Zip it~ ahahaha. I helped her made this layout so awesome k?

Lance said...

new layout looks clean =)

unlike the previous one, hana-with-a-tiera-avatar =ppp

hana said...

@everyone: Thanks for the compliments. Glad it's easier on the eyes now ^^

@ammy: because I have no idea on what you like since you bitch about everything I create for you. Plus I got a lot of input from Ariel too you know.

@lance: the previous one was neat and systematical still imo. only too pink lol.

hillabilly said...

Well, basically the blog is still pink XD

hana said...

Well yes. But a lot lesser than before :D