Saturday, February 14, 2009

I look so FAT now T____T

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So I'm properly awake now from my 9 hours straight slumber after the surgery and I've just looked in the mirror and the feeling is akin that of the girl in 200 pounds beauty, only instead of seeing a prettier version of me, I find that I had magically gained 10 pounds in the face and look like the product of a human and chipmunk's one night stand.

Am also looking at the piece of paper I've scribbled on while I was in my post anesthetics daze to help remind myself what I felt during surgery and I think I've gone effing nuts.

One moment I was awake laughing and wondering if I'll ever fall asleep and the next thing you know I'm sucked into this secret laboratory like that of the Jetsons on MARS with huge glowing neon green pipes and I'm trying my best to escape from oral surgeons who are now half-aliens with massive tooth drills in hand laughing like demonic clowns. Oh and that I was also chasing after green bunnies. And suddenly Aiba from Arashi decided to join me in catching them too with him in his funny purple Cheshire cat outfit wth. Why Aiba wth?! Where's Massu? Stupid hallucination could at least give me Nino or MatsuJun too at any rate pffft.

Anyway, green bunny now leads me to McDonald's in the middle Alice's Wonderland and have I mention how friggin green my hallucination world is? And glowing too. As green glowing food makes lousy enticers I left and find myself back in said stupid lab PLAYING LASER TAG with people I cannot remember. But I think they were trying to kill me. Cuz I was desperately trying to find my way out of the never friggin ending tunnel.

Next you know, I'm awake and found that the world has suddenly gone mad and gave everyone a twin while I was asleep. Great, I now have two mothers. Twice the nagging now. Awesome. But God must not have been feeling well when he did his 'lets give the everybody a twin' thing cause now all inanimate objects have their own doubles too. And upon looking down, OMG WHY DO I NOW HAVE FOUR LEGS? AND 2 EXTRA ARMS TOO.

Oh wait, the oral surgeon and his twin is screaming in my ear asking me to 'WAKE UP. YOU MUSTN'T FALL BACK ASLEEP HANNAH' making me irritated cuz I'm just dazed and not deaf you know and swiped my hand viciously (I mean weakly and wildly inaccurately cuz I had no control over my limbs) at one of him only to discover that his 'twin' is only my double vision. Oh. OH YAY THAT MEANS I DO NOT HAVE TWO MOTHERS AFTER ALL HAHAHA.

Back at my apartment I discover that everyone is celebrating Valentine and I CANNOT EAT A SINGLE MORSEL OF FOOD OFFERED *screw the world* and went sulkily to bed where I promptly fell asleep and have only just woken up now. TO THE DELICIOUS AROMA OF FRIED CHICKEN.

THANKS A LOT DADDY FOR RUBBING IT IN MY FACE. You have never bought fried chicken since the begining of our stay here and on this very day where you know I can't eat, you go and buy a box of it. While still having the audacity to grin cheekily at me while I scream and threw a fit. (only the damn medicine is making my words sound all garbled and funny and my family is laughing at me now, oi stop laughing I am miffed okay and you're not supposed to laugh) OH-HO I SWEAR I'LL REMEMBER THIS DAY *is planning revenge*

So I am now fat, in pain and very very very hungry with nothing I can do about it. So how's your day huh? =C

Update: 2nd sis says the wound would take 3-4 days to heal. Meaning 4 DAYS WITHOUT FOOD. WHAT? WHY? HOW? *howls*

2nd update: I hate the idea of food now cuz I just ate a bowl of self-cooked tomato soup and felt extremely nauseated before heaving into the bathroom sink. And no, its not because my cooking is horrendous. I hate pain medication really T_____T


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

what surgery did u have? plastic surgery?

Ammy said...

um um uhm.... happy valentines day?

hana said...

@kimmy: LOL no. I WISH. Goodness knows how much I want the double eyelid surgery. But no, it's surgery to extract my wisdom teeth.

@ammy: T_____T But ILU as always.