Monday, January 12, 2009

Pasadena Rose Parade

Monday, January 12, 2009

Clamored my way through the streets to watch the worldwide famous (according to wiki cuz idk how popular it is until I got here *shrugs) Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year Day. Well, people actually SLEEP on the streets the day before just to ensure a seat so I guess it must be popular. Yes, they brought like mattresses, bbq stands, tables, sofa, tv, laptop and stuff. Crazy people really.

Got one stupid annoying woman that morning who asked me to back off cuz she reserved the spot for her daughter and her bf. Right. Like one can reserve a friggin block of pavement. Well screw her, so me, 2nd sis and SoEun moved away from her stupid block of concrete and moved forward where she proceeded to throw another hissy fit cuz we were too tall and blocked her view.

WELL.... TOUGH LUCK LADY. It must suck to be short huh? Guess your stupid VIP block of cement isn't so hot now isn't it? HAH.

Normally I'm not so bitchy but she did not made any indication she was reserving those spots (ie. no chairs/bags/stuff) plus instead of asking me nicely to move she just barked at us like some uncivilized barbarian.

Anyway, I've split this post into 2 parts cuz I do not want to kill your bandwidth whatever you call it cuz I know half of you are from Malaysia where the internet is sucky as hell, see how thoughtful I am? So yeah, pictures and short captions because there is nothing much to write about:

YES ASIMO. As seen on Geekologie =D

Uhm. Movie buffs? Have no idea what reptiles has to do with Trader Joe

Damn cute ok plus it has cute baby music with tinkling notes

Rainforest. Safari. Nature. idk what.

Rose princesses and queen

Not super chio or anything cuz one of them is from my college and she looks 'meh' to me *shrugs

The hell if I know...

Oh, so its gigantic handbags and watering cans. Still make no sense to me.

USC vs. PSU (After parade football match)

Speaking of USC, I don't like people from there much. Its as if they think they're all that what with the bumper stickers, sweaters and jeering at other non-usc students/supporters. Honestly, going to USC doesn't mean you're that smart. It just means you're rich, good in football or just stupid. Stupid if you're the one incurring 200,000 in debt after you graduate like what I heard of some students. Not to mention that the environment and education you get isn't worth the money you're paying. So srsly, zip it when people express their desires to go to UCLA instead. Sometimes I feel like snapping really mean but oh so true comments to some of them when they scoff whenever UCLA is mentioned.

All that's missing is some rainbows and Arashi.

The fat lady was totally scowling okay. Just because the parade was long doesn't mean you can stop smiling and show me a -_- face wtb.

Looks uncannily like the characters from the Danone(?) cookies when I was young

I remember I had an action figure prince that came with the choc biscuits...

Which I use to marry it with Bo Peep from Toy Story cuz she was the only figurine I had with a huge poofy skirt much alike a wedding dress.


Just once, I want the coyote to WIN ok!!! Is that so hard?

Also I want to see the Roadrunner cooked over a bonfire =DDD

I am also in favor of Tom/Sylvester/Donald Duck beating the crap out of their opponents

Stupid annoying rat, big-headed freak of a yellow bird with horrible un-cute voice and chipmunks

My dream is to take over both Disney and CN and kill off these characters *sadistic smile*

I change my mind! I think I want to get married on a float =P

Every float is followed by a school/university band and after looking at them, this is what I called a REAL band ok. Not like the somewhat pitiful ones in Swk where the musical instruments has a dull shine to them and the uniforms uhm questionable.


YES RED. I wonder why NO ONE thought of using RED back in my high school really. Such a simple color yet oh so vibrant and energetic. You band people back in Kuching, LOOK and LEARN. Or just steal the design cuz no one would notice seeing that we're oceans apart *shrugs.

Tell your stingy teachers to donate money and get more than two tubas too. People in the US have like a whole effing role of tubas. SHINY ones too =D

Don't want red? Well, black is fine too! Honestly, every band I saw (I'm lazy to post all the pics but I swear I'm speaking the truth) has like really smart uniforms and stuff. THIS is what a band look like I don't care what you say but sorry, yours doesn't really cut it. Which is why I've been wondering for ages why back when I was in high school, some people can be so friggin stuck-up just because they are in band (that looks nothing like these) and look down on other uniform bodies. Don't think I've forgotten the snickers people. I still harbor a great dislike for grss brass band

And while you're busy changing your star-trek uniforms besides adding another few more tubas while swallowing some humble pie, you could ask your teacher to add a row of pretty girls too.

With sexy uniforms like this

Some band from Scotland.

Still pwns you.

Yes I am still bitter at you people

If my high school band looked like any of those bands that day, I would have joined in a heart beat cuz all of them looked awesome.



eiChi said...

OMG~ Hana~!!!!! i wish there are floats like this in Kuching!!!! oh gosh~ such a big parade. and you are damn right about the school band... but lah.. you know la... malaysia la... ......


Ammy said...

UGH. band members are nothing but a bunch of insecure self righteous pricks banding (haha wtf) together to ensure themselves that they're important to the school.


hana said...

@eichi: lol it IS pretty ^^ And I don't really mind the band if only they didn't act like they were the hottest thing around when they're not. They could do with some humble pie if you ask me.

@Ammy: I AGREE. Not all though cuz some are really nice and not stuck up.

And I told you I DID.

Christine said...

Aaaahh! I'm in the school band! Well, used to.
Lol and those aren't tubas. They're sousaphones. We like to call them toilet bowls =D

hana said...

Yeah but like I said, NOT ALL I dislike. Just generally on a whole I tend to dislike the band cuz generally, a whole lot of them is stuck up.

But for the nice members, I still cheer for them lol.

And its not tubas????

Damn, I am fail in the music area. Have never heard of sousaphones before but damn if it doesn't sound delicious! mmm salsa....

Oh wait, toilet bowls? Now it doesn't anymore. Sound delicious I mean =C

Faye said...

Wow....didn't know there were so many bad sentiments on the band going around. Anyway I'm assuming they all stemmed from the GRSB. I don't know what happened in the past for you all to mark us as elitist, but if a band member previously messed with you all with a childish, elitist attitude I apologize on behalf of the band. Maybe the gung ho attitude was over-the-top, but things tend to get that way when you've spent a gazillion hours under the sun doing the toughest form of uniform body activity ever- formation. It never occured to me that our attitudes would makes us unpopular. But again, apologies. :)

hana said...

Uhm yeah, 'a band member previously messed with you all with a childish, elitist attitude'

That was pretty much where our dislike stemmed from LOL.

But nah, I don't judge all automatically as stuck up. Just 'some' of them can really get on your nerves. There's still a number of people in band that are decent but its cuz the few bad apples sometimes tend to ruin it lol.

And as for the standing under the sun for hours thing? I do respect you all for sticking through that though cuz Ive seen the sunburned skins and know that it takes something to endure that =)

And apologies accepted lol.