Thursday, January 15, 2009

Effeminate Man = Eye Candy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well, according to a line I came across in wiki:

Click to enlarge and note the strikeout XD

LOL. Now whoever wrote that in must be in any one of the Asian fandoms overflowing with pretty boys cuz only in there would 'effeminate man = eye candy' and not gay some derogatory term as it would have been years ago.

Yeah so they may act all ghei and look prettier and skinnier in a dress than I can ever be but heck if I do not love them for it

idk about you, but effeminate men FTW! :D

Ah, how the times have changed indeed lol.


hillabilly said...



effeminate men...... is just any other way of say gay men!!


jason said...

haha.. esp the one on the left end in the 2nd row

hana said...

@hillabilly: BURN!!! LOL. That is ONLY if you're like int he western culture would then those guys be truly gay. But it doesn't hold the same notions for the Asian pop culture. They may do 'sissy' stuff but they are as man as the next guy when they're off stage.

Its work after all since that is what sells in Asia. Not sex. But uhm those kind of stuff.

Not to forget yaoi also though I don't like that one much lol.


And truth be told, he's probably the least gay one out of the rest LOL. He was just forced to don that outfit for a show XD

eiChi said...

*gasp* nooo~!!! i see no Toma init XD where's my Tomaaaa~

hana said...

@eiChi: Because he is so NOT ghei LOL.

I DID try to find the one with him in the bra and panties HAHAHAHA but don't have wth.

But Toma doesn't even look pretty. He's like handsome lol. All his pics looked so MAN I totally gave up XD

Leira said...

@Jason: I dont know who you are, BUT HOI! MASSU IS NOT GAY OKAY! LOL! NOT GAY! He is an "eye candy". Hmph~ :P

Mozzarella said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha JaeJoong looking foolish!! I love the pretty boy. I have to admit it, Ive succumbed to the pretty boy craze. I cant bring myself to fancy any of them but I absolutely adore them!!
Do I recognise Heechul of SuJu in there or am I wrong :S

Either way, Heechul's been mackin out on his fellow band members...duuuuuuuudee..I am SO not into the yaoi side of things.

hana said...

HeeChul? I have no idea how he looks like. I don't care for suju lol. however there is one guy in the pic who i randomly chose off google when i typed 'pretty korean male idols' cuz i've ran out of korean ones LOL.

And omg I googled heechul AND WTF IS HE GAY? OR BI? cuz no straight guy would do that omg and i thought my japanese grps are already very the gay but apparently they are not after reading about heechul....

Mozzarella said...

TELL me about it. I'm not a SuJu fan myself. Too many guys in one go in my opinion. But I watched 'Attackon the Pin Up Boys' recently and then got to Wiki-ing and youtube-ing some of the guys. Just so Im up on the gossip-obviously. And dude, he MUST be bi. He enjoys kissing boys way too much to be straight.

But THIS is tooooooo gross:
HOW girls get off on this I totally don't understand

hana said...

OMG WTH DO THEY NOT FEEL WEIRD KISSING EACH OTHER. That paper does not count cuz its practically nothing.

Korean boys are either gay or bi if you ask me now. I am amazed at how WILLING they are in participating in those games wth.

Mozzarella said...

I KNOW!! It's so off-base. Apparently it's pretty normal on that show to get people to kiss through the paper but this time it was a pair of guys. Totally rank-taculaaaaar.

Korean boys are kinda fit sometimes though *blush* Like...Daniel Henney. He's part British part Korean. Very heterosexual. Very man. Totally my 10/10.

Yknow who REALLY looks like a girl? Ajoo

Mozzarella said...


hana said...

Well....I don't think I care much for the kpop fandom at this rate....

Although Big Bang is till pretty much <333 XD

Anonymous said...

haha. I must agree. ^^
Why is that so attractive? XD