Thursday, January 22, 2009

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac Review

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So after weeks of waiting for this book, I finally got it yesterday and finished it in one night.

I love Will. So the book is about a teenage amnesiac obviously which is a term for someone suffering from amnesia and has little or nothing to do with oysters and clams like what I initially cannot help but assume even when I know I'm 99% wrong. The word for that would be aphrodisiac ho-hum. I love Will. This story is pure fiction btw and although its said to be romance from the first page onwards, don't bet on it. I love Will. You're better off reading Janette Oke's or any other Christian author books if you want awesome romance stories but that is for another day and have I told you how much I love Will yet or not?

Fine. So there is a catch to me actually blogging about a book cuz normally I don't bother. SO GUESS WHO'S PLAYING WILL?

TEGOSHI omgcutenerd! YUYA

And just like that I am sold. I am too easy dammit. But its Tegoshi as a dork with horrible fashion sense though his clothes in the picture isn't as bad as the book and actually make him look yummy srsly what a cheat secretly pining for a girl who happens to be his best friend who sees him as nothing more than that so how can I resist? =D

Anyway, fangirling later for when the movie comes out and honest review about the book first:

If it weren't for Tegoshi (so I can spend more time ogling him instead of figuring out the story), I honestly wouldn't give a second of my day for this book. It's totally not my kind of book and I can see why Japan is turning this into a movie because its exactly like all their other movies which I kinda hate where the pace is passive, has this depressive aura, characters who make stupid unwise decisions in life like dating a lunatic and calling it true love, lost of close friends, family broken up, where you have to be completely broken to find something and with a few non-graphic sex thrown in to make it complete.

Can you say teenage angst ugh mine wasn't that dramatic and all I had were a whole year of my parents asking the entire church to pray for me before one day I suddenly woke up and thought I was being an idiot and started eating again which was the whole reason for my depression cuz food deprivation can drive you nuts I swear.

Anyway, NAOMI IS AN IMMATURE CLASS A BITCH WHO DESERVES NO ONE IF YOU ASK ME and life is too kind to give her amnesia of 4 years loss only and should had just wipe out all her memories the ungrateful brat. Will is light years too good for her and its not because of my Tegoshi bias. Naturally she has to fall in love with a certified insane guy called James instead who I want to strangle for being a spineless sissy. But they don't call him that of course. They call him 'a sexy brooding guy with deep issues' *gags* which btw I don't get why girls like cuz if I wanted a brooding guy, I'll get myself a pug:

He does it much better. I feel emo instantly minus the feeling of wanting to kill someone. Preferably brooding emo guy in question. I have very little patience for emo people.

So it's basically a memoir of a whiny teenager just being a selfish brat, hating everything in the world cuz being rebellious is cool and when the world turns against you cuz you're a bitch to be with you know, find solace in a social outcast and call it true love cuz only you two can understand each other and if you're lucky, you don't get pregnant congrats! So if you cannot stand immature teens and don't care much for Tegoshi you must be blind cuz that guy is the epitome of hotness, two words: Don't Bother.

Oh I forgot to mention that she got her amnesia by falling down a flight of stairs.

Ok fine, I'll be's a story about a typical teenager (unlike me cuz I was awesome lol) trying to find her place in life again after losing 4 years worth of memories. But sadly she chose the hard way. Either that or she just have crappy friends (excluding Will) or helpless parents leaving her no other options.

I think its trying to be deep but I don't see the deepness? I think she just made crappy choices in life which makes life harder than its supposed to be and if she had chosen wisely she would have been better off thats all and if you strip away all the smoke and mirrors thats what you get. Nothing deep at all. Or maybe thats exactly the point the author is trying to make idk.

Granted, the ending was good where everything was nicely tied up and after the last page I had a feel good feeling which I'm happy cuz if I had to read through all those boring 200 over pages only to have a lousy ending I would hit something I swear. Also there are a number of nice quotes which I like very much =)

Maybe its like those movies where the storyline is utter crap but yet manages to keep you watching until the end though idk if it applies to this book cuz my Tegoshi bias played a huuuge part in me forcing myself to read it through until almost towards the end where only then did it pique my interest. And you say shiny pop idols don't sell. I beg to differ lol.

Anyway, if you want to read books concerning amnesia and think that this book isn't your cup of tea then I recommend you to read 'Remember Me?' by Sophie Kinsella:

♥ Yes she is the one who wrote the Shopaholic series =) So this novel is about a woman who fell down a flight of stairs too and lost a few years worth of memories only in this case hers is more dire as she had completely forgotten that she's married hahahaha and a whole slew of other more important stuff too. Though I don't agree with the whole affair part in this story. If they could just cut that out. Why must there always be something like affairs or pre-marital sex or divorce in chic lit really -_-

But yeah, give this book a try if you're on the prowl for something light to read =D


Christine said...

I may be mistaken, but is that Horikita Maki?? As in the girl from Hanakimi? Lol btw Ammy has a pug and he is no where near emo O.O

hana said...

Yes its Maki. The girl from Hana Kimi. Lots of people like her though I dunno why lol.

AMMY'S PUG IS LIKE SO EMO. I've seen the pics and he looks SAD in every one lol.

Ammy said...

EXCUSE ME HANA, but it just so happens that samson has EXPRESSIVE EYES. an he's damn fucking cute don't you dare deny it. i have llike dozens of threats (read : 1)from friends wanting to steal him off.

plus, my baby does not have weird eyes, his eyes are perfectly aligned wtf cross eyed pugs are a disgrace to the entire breed

Christine said...

LOL expressive eyes. It won't be right if Samson's emo cuz he humps people's legs o.o

hana said...

@Ammy: I admit quite cute. BUT MY KONKON STILL PWNS!!!

I didn't say he has weird eyes stop adding words to mine.


@Christine: Being emo does not mean one does not feel horny or whatever. I am sure of that because emo ppl are one of the most perverted and I'm saying this from years of observation LOL