Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Bang

Monday, January 26, 2009

Too many impersonal posts lately but you'll see considerably less of these once I design my LJ completely to my satisfaction. Codes so damn hard to figure out. Plus I really can't be bothered to snap pics and blog about it every time I go out unless its something special.

Anyway, thanks to lousy Ammy who keep sending video links, me and 2nd sis are sucked into the Big Bang craze but really their music are awesome stuff and I can safely say I'm in it for the music completely unlike my other crazes where I'm in it more for the fanservice etc.

If you don't like BB then you either have no taste in music or are in denial or something :D

Number 1:

Strong Baby:

Guess who's my fav? :D No it's not that eyeliner wearing T.O.P who looks kind of uhm gay and as if he wants to bite my head off any second.



And he just turned 18. IMPOSSIBLE! He looks way older than that! 2nd sis says its the suit and OMG SPEAKING OF THE SUIT SO HOT I LOVE LOVE LOVE SRSLY SUITS ARE HEAVEN SENT ITEMS FOR GIRLS GUYS. AND DID YOU SEE THE PART WHERE HIS SHIRT WAS ALL OPENED AND TOUSLED AND YOU CAN SO TOTALLY SEE HIS ABS GUHH LUCKY GIRL IN MV WHO GETS TO BE ALL OVER HIM. The only drawback is his legs aren't as long as Yunho so he isn't as sexy as him when he dances but heck, I'll still hit it hee~

Shut up 3rd and 4th sis who say he looks ugly and like my neighbor the heck okay you both need glasses. And also for siding with 2nd sis who likes G-Dragon:

Although admittedly he is hot too -I can replay the part where he says 'bass!' in the Last Farewell video forever- well, until he smiles whattheheck then the spell is broken =x He should fix his teeth or whatever that makes him look un-cute when he smiles.

Big Bang! And their cool music videos which is such a refreshing change from those cheap JE ones and I swear if clubs actually played music like this I'll be clubbing myself away every night. But no they have to play annoying hard techno. Of course, I have yet to set foot in a club ever so maybe I shouldn't be one to judge but I am 99.9% sure that whatever they are playing, it isn't Big Bang.

So you think with all my fascination with BB, I might say goodbye to pretty pop idols forever but you're wrong. I HAVE MASSU DRAMA AND I AM GONNA PIMP IT OUT WHEN THE SUBS COME OUT HA!

Ahem. Nevertheless....

Seung Ri~

I want their albums...

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