Sunday, November 2, 2008

Harvest Festival

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ok so the events for that night was a total blur to both me and 2nd sis because we were asked to helped out at the photo booth and once they realized that you are skilled in computer and photoshop, you can very well kiss your plans to enjoy the night's events goodbye =C

Gone were our idealistic plans of flitting around stalls and taking pictures every now and then when were aren't needed at the stalls because the demand for pictures were so great compared to last year (haha see photoshop do make a difference) till we were glued to our seats the whole night furiously editing and printing pics and my only wish was if it had not been free then I could possibly be damn rich lor after that few hours lol.

So pics here are all taken before the event started because I had no time to take any after it started =P Ha I still remember the photographer. Treated us so coldly in the begining wth and scoffed at our idea of using photoshop for touch-ups. I don't think this could really consitute to discrimination but I find that angmohs always kind of 'kua soi' us Asians and I find myself having to force my way through and prove my abilities every single time until they finally see that I do in fact know something more than them only do they start acting all cordial and co-operative. So tiring at times.

I was also kinda miffed that night because I didn't know how important it was to wear a costume and was wondering why on earth everyone was taking it so seriously until I saw the sign that said: 'Grand prize: Ipod and Nitendo DS blablabla' and OMG I SWEAR I WAS ABSOULUTELY FUMING INWARDLY after I read it. Nitendo DS ok!!! WHY NOBODY TELL ME WTH.

Like this one better cuz the background more fitting imo.

GAH I am so buying a maid outfit from Japan next year. I cannot believe I let my chances of winning a Nitendo DS just slip me by just like that. Still annoyed when I think about it now =_=

More pics of the decor:



Haha the eyes senget one.

My daddy is silly. When he saw these dolls he was like 'ish why the church go put voodoo dolls' and I was like 'wth that is a scarecrow la ok. You know, dao chao ren?' (wah I still remember the chinese term for it wth I am smart) but he still refuse to admit his mistake and continue mumbling something about 'not much difference' what la ok till I had to go 'sca-re-cro-ws to scare BIRDS what does that have to do with voodoo' while flapping my arms like some crazy crow to prove my point and thus garnering weird looks from people in return....

Will never attempt to explain anything to my daddy in public ever again. hmph.

Cakes for the cake-walk which is something like musical chairs only there is no chairs and you have cakes as prizes. Still sore that I did not get a chance to play it. I so wanted a cake ok. Maybe this is God's will for me so I cannot get fatter haha.

zomg so cute!

Now this is just creepy...

Make your own cupcake stall...

where 4th sis made one for me =DDD

Omg I totally ate the spider ok thinking it was candy only to spit it out seconds later in confusion as why it refuse to break into pieces despite how hard I keep trying to chew it only to have the words 'made in china' staring back at me from the spider's bottom. Wth why plastic one....

Candies galore!!!

I totally gained like an extra pound of fat on my legs thanks to this.

Oi I did not eat the whole basket la.

Face-painting. Again, I WISHED I had time to get my face painted.

Am so not volunteering next year.

Must. win. DS.

Our messy table and part of my skinny arm lol.

Your undead boyfriend ah.

Dunno why 'Ole King Cole' comes to mind. No idea what King is he supposed to be.

Haiyar I'm just gonna post up whatever pics I have because I totally cannot write anything about them as I have no idea what went on at all and these are pics my daddy took so there.

Bumble bee


I have no idea...

And that is the end of the photos now shoo cuz I have nothing left to show :)


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