Friday, October 31, 2008


Friday, October 31, 2008

I discover that it's really hard to stay mad at God for long lol. Falala I managed to regain my ability to walk (though I looked like a shuffling hobbit) in time for my history presentation which my professor loved to bits saying how she didn't know powerpoint could be used to that extent =DDD Who knew that serving in the church designing powerpoint and stuff would come extremely useful in college? =)

I also managed to get a makeup test for my econ and yay the maths test was somehow pushed to next week =DDD I did not miss any exams ok! *elated*

I was of course still kind of sore with the whole losing friends thing and was ashamed to say that my prayers for the last few days were kinda bitter and half-hearted but what do you know I went back to class today and people who never talk to me before suddenly started to greet me and talk about various things. And and and I'm still going to the Halloween party with SoEun tomorrow who is coming all the way down from OC to fetch me =DDD

I am so happy ok and I take back every bitter thoughts I am so sorry ok God and also to daddy dearest too who put up with my depressing moping with patience lol.

And because I am all bouncy happy right now.......

haha because I realized that its been ages since I last fangirl wth the pressure to do well in college totally sucked out all my fangirling time on the net lol. And why yes your ever fickle blogger switched ichibans again~♪ But this time its final. Reeeeallly.

Sadly, this year's NEWS concert goods suck. Honestly, I think they are like on a mission to prevent me from ever spending a single cent on them cuz everytime I plan to, they either come up with a dvd with no subs, a new album with half of it chocked full with their recent singles (hello Color album) or with some really weird concert goods (diamond rings faker than the 20 cent egg machine thingy where you get a mystery gift in a plastic egg srsly what happened to the cute T-shirt Massu designed last year? Why isn't he like made head designer after that glorious shirt which I stupidly missed out buying?) which I am not willing to spend my limited funds on. I dunno if half the fandom is like blind or what cuz really I think there is a limit to how 'cute' a thing can be just because its NEWS related.

Anyway, for NEWS fans who loves 'Bambina' as much as me, a snippet of a concert report:

"The only thing Tegoshi wanted to contribute to the concert was to sing "Bambina." (hahaha why am I not surprised) He said that he Yamapi was the only one on his side, also wanting to sing it. And everyone else got mad at him and told him they weren't against or for it, they didn't care. Then Yamapi backed Tegoshi up by saying that when they were discussing the set list, and Tegoshi went to the bathroom, the others erased the song from the set list. (lol! XD) So Tego was mad when he came back and finally noticed it was gone a bit later and in the end, the song was inserted back in the list."

HAHAHA Tegoshi ILU for this. Thank you for exerting your spoiled brat ways in getting that song in because I've been waiting forever for it cuz if I cannot get a PV then a concert perf. is the next best thing 'Ai no Matador' was scrapped too as a group song cuz the rest of them probably didn't like sexy songs so Tegoshi decided to make it his solo instead of his usual 'Ai Nante'. Sigh rest of NEWS why so conservative I want more sexy ok! =P

Oh oh and Massu has a solo this time omg hearts! Btw JE where is my full version of 'Pumpkin' omg how can you not release it? I think Massu probably gained all his fans through that delicious solo alone and yet you refuse to release it. Bah you.

P.S. I will post the Harvest Festival pics tomorrow or something ok (you hear me Abi? lol) cuz I am so lazy to write a post about it now lol.


Abi~♥ said...

yay!! i see my name =DD

ah must blog! wanna see pics =D

Cia The Chairman said...

excuse me madam, i have changed my link dont ask me.. abi did it *points finger*
btw. might change again so will keep u