Friday, October 10, 2008

Desperate Girl Looking For A Vampire Named Edward

Friday, October 10, 2008

aldhasfkljahsfa I love Edward Cullen


And all you fandom people are so wrong. He is way hotter than JaeJoong ok!

Yes, I am talking about the 'Twilight' saga and if you haven't read it yet, GO READ IT NOW!!!

Here is the wiki page for it because I am too lazy to write a synopsis. This series is like all the rage everywhere and if you love reading then you must read this ♥ The first book came out 2 years back but I have no idea why it wasn't that popular in M'sia then *shrugs*

Anyway, I absolutely love love love Edward ok omg the description of him is like to die for. I got curious about this book because some people in the DBSK fandom was mentioning about how he reminds them of a golden-eyed Jaejoong so of course I wanna read! =P A vampire Jae is hot ok! Then halfway into the book I realize that no one on earth can ever do Edward justice because he is absolutely PERFECT and BREATHTAKING in every way omg I want to be Bella ok. I don't care if he is a vampire cuz I, like Bella, would too give anything to stay with him forever~♪ Hello, hottest and sweetest vampire ever

And there is like so many beautiful metaphoric sentences in here (mostly about Edward's gorgeousness and charms lol) I wish I read it earlier so I needn't suffer like hell for my English descriptive writing paper =C

Oh I'm currently into the last few chapters of the first book. And I am stuck reading it in the form of an e-book on my tiny cellphone screen cuz when I rushed to reserve all four copies at my local library, I found to my disbelief that I am AN EFFING 96 ON THE WAITING LIST!!! Until next year's September wth this is preposterous. But daddy promised to drive me to all neighboring cities' libraries this weekend to find any available copies =D I really dislike reading from a screen *pouts*

Stop asking me to buy the book ok because as much as I love books, the last thing I wanna spend my precious savings on is books. Cannot wear nor eat and can only be left on the shelf to gather dust after you read it once, so not worth it imo. Plus why buy when you can read for free? Until it's sold at a dollar or two would I consider buying them hmph *ngiau

And oh it's been made into a movie too which would be released this coming December but I seriously do not like the cast after reading the book. Here's the movie poster:

Sorry I kinda blurred out Edward's face but it's for your own good. I thought he was quite hot when Ammy showed me the trailer but after reading the book, I now understand why everyone dislike the actor so much lol. Edward is supposed to be like really really hot and gorgeous like that of an angel yet at the same time really tough and protective and the actor only has the latter. He is lacking Jaejoong's gentleness and beauty =P But Jae wouldn't be an accurate description either cuz he lacks the manly dominant part lol. I told you Edward was perfect

So as not to spoil the lovely image of Edward for those of you who has yet to read the book, I blur his face so you are free to run wild with your imaginations hahaha. Rest of the cast doesn't do the other characters justice either imo but I'll still go to the cinema to catch it when it comes out though because I love the story lots just like that =)

Oi go read the book ok so I have someone to fangirl with about Edward K bye I am off to finish the remaining few chapters~


Akira 思胜 said...

I knew about this saga novel... And I got the book also... Hehe...

Ammy said...


wait until you get to the second book. seriously, you'll gnash your teeth in frustration and cry in despair.

Abi~♥ said...

edward ftw!!!!! edward!!! edwarddddd!!!!!! EDDDWWARRDDDDDDD!!! ARGHHHHHH ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

btw he reminds me of Toya from Ayashi No Ceres. T_______T

edward edward edward edward edward edward edward cedric wtf

Abi~♥ said...

eh u hav 2 give the actor thts playing Edward credit u noe, he's composing Bella's lullaby himself.

robert pattinson watnot aiya thanks for trying T______T

go my blog 2 hear the rumoured-to-be-bella's-lullaby. =)

i love edward i want edward everything doesnt seem so perfect now.

im cant stop thinking bout edward, bella n the love they hav for each other. it juz flowed so naturally and there's so much love.

ah, i hope the movie can let me see at least a glimpse of love i read bout in the book.

i love tht edward n bella r obsessed wit each other. tht's how love should be like.

ah, ok i'm obsessed bout the whole concept of love i read bout in the book i cant get it out of my head.

everything is so perfect. T_____T

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

This is something new to me.
Muz go Waterstone bookshop and check it out =) Thanks for sharing this info* [although im not full-time book reader xD]

hana said...

@akira: lol you read this? I thought only girls did XD

@ammy: I am on the 2nd book. I think I want to murder Edward.....

@abi: No idea who Toya is but Edward is perfection itself until the beginnings of the 2nd book though where I want to strangle him lol. And nope they aren't using his song and that isn't the official lullaby =CCC

Yes that is how love should be like.

I think we all want an Edward lol.

@jerome: haha I dunno if guys would like it or not. I never knew guys read books anyway haha. But you might wanna catch the movie =)

Faye said...

Hmm I read a review once. And I've seen it around bookstores in KL and stuff. Maybe I'll give it a shot when I can.

Leira said...

QUESTION! SO, is the Edward you picture a caucasian, asian, or mixed? XP

Abi~♥ said...

he's Eurasian? xD haha nah, caucasion. which actor do u think is perfect for the role of edward hmm?

edward T_____T

imma name my kid edward. regardless of the gender.

hana said...


@leira: obviously Caucasian. He has pale skin and bronze hair. I tried picturing Jaejoong but nay, doesn't work.

@abi: NO. Caucasian ok. And NO ONE can play him. They all fall short. I have yet to see a beautiful Caucasian actor.

And no I am not naming my kid that wth 22 century ok cannot cannot.

Ammy said...

i picture a european. dunno why, vampires give me the european vibe. even better if got british accent. SEX-AY!

but american is good as well.

abi~ said...

i wanna be rosalie. she's so perfect. T_____T

ah, vampires originated from romania. lol.

i wan edward. eh, i like the names le, like in the historical novels, edward, colin, matthew, andrew~~~

lots of names. sound so sophisticated.

better than the new ones like ciara or sth =.= the rappers. walao. =.=

hana said...


Right? I think he was....*frowns*

@abi: and I want Edward to bite me and transform into a gorgeous vampire lol.

You name your children that then. I am sticking to the sexier sounding ones lol.