Thursday, October 9, 2008

Descriptive Writing

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So I decided to choose Massu as my subject for my English descriptive writing paper and so far 3 hours has passed and I am still stuck on the first page. I would have chosen Tegoshi instead but I fear that later my teacher might think my gender radar screwed up and send me for counseling on gender identifying issues =3

This is Massu:

And no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot do him justice with my miserable descriptive skills T____T

I am supposed to write a lively essay that can move readers and my Massu just seem so.... un-Massu like sigh I have no idea how to bring him to life on a piece of paper. To put all his vibrant energy and brilliant sunshiny radiances into words without sounding cliché. Ugh the high demands of the professors here. All my attempts keep falling short after hearing the examples given by my prof. and metaphoric quotes by famous authors. My grasp on the English language is not as great as I was once led to believe and I totally feel like an epic failure now =C

I am so desperate to the point I'm actually riffling through endless fanfics in the NEWS comm just to see how they describe him wth.

2am now and I still have another paper on describing my room which I have yet to start.

English never suck as much as now.

Update: Aww why are some fics so cute and heartwarming seriously I actually feel kinda fuzzy inside sigh I miss my friends back in Kch so badly now and it'll be ages before I can see them again sigh why do time have to move so slowly and OMG IT'S 3AM NOW, WHAT WAS I SAYING ABOUT TIME MOVING SLOWLY DAMNIT I AM SO DEAD, STUPID HELLISH PIECE OF ASSIGNMENT HOW I DETEST YOU GAAAAAH!!!!

2nd Update: Its 4am now and I'm finally done with Massu and was feeling all euphoric here then guess what happened? My stupid printer decided to chew up my paper causing it to jam and it now refuses to come back to life despite my incessant pounding of the buttons and frustrated screams. Silent screams of course because I don't want my neighbor to call the police thinking I've gone amok which I am on the verge of becoming so due to my current lack of sleep and overworked brain omg I feel like a zombie with an English sentence generator for a brain why hello gimme two words and I'll construct a sentence for you wth *shakes head to clear insane thoughts* But anyway, as I was saying, damn that printer I swear imma kill it as soon as I manage to choke it back to life. Wish me luck on my 2nd paper. Am gonna start it now wth.

3rd Update: It's 5am now and I'm nowhere near completion but I think I really have to sleep because I'd just typed 'A silver modern looking ceiling fan smiling happily at her Jay Chou CD collection on my disc rack' in my essay wth I am like an effing somnambulist now with crazy incoherent thoughts so screw this paper, I shall just wake up at 7 and finish it. Goodnight.


Mei-Wah said...

go to sleep lar hana!!!
and dream about massu~

hana said...


Did not dream of Massu =C Instead I dreamed of scary English professors chasing me with grammar books and stuff for not completing my papers =CCC

Abi~♥ said...

ahh... kesian-nye!! aduh hana i didnt noe it was tht stressful in the states. even YOU find it difficult, wad more to say us wit our so-very-annoyng-malaysian-english?

Leira said...


hana said...

@abi: It IS very stressing here. It's really fun and enlightening I admit but at the same time its really hard work =C

@leira: Ha, wait till you go to college.