Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dead Tired From Shopping

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Went shopping with SE today and had tons of fun for once =DDD Shall write everything down like a diary and I don't care if it bores you cuz I am happy happy happy albeit a little sore in the feet with all that hours of walking around in heels =C

Am super happy also cuz she is like 5ft9 which is like an inch taller than me so I can wear high heels when I'm with her muahahaha tall friends are nice =D I swear I am sick of the world being short thus restricting me from wearing super gorgeous shoes because they all come in 5 inch heels damnit I is decidedly not happy. Totally unfair. *sulks*

Dropped by a Japanese restaurant for lunch and omg the food is heavenly! I'm sorry I didn't take any pics at all today cuz I just wanna enjoy myself for once without having to go 'must take pics for dead blog' wth am no superstar blogger so why should I care? Maybe next time. So we went a little overboard with the food and ended up with a huge bowl of sashimi salad and about 30 pieces of sushi.......

And so the bill ended up to like 52 bucks but she refused to let me pay a cent despite my insistent begging. Sigh. でも本当にありがとうございました! Ok wait, I think I should have typed that in Korean instead. 감사합니다~ Better lol. And oh oh! I finally ate edamame!!! It tastes like....beans. lol. You know black beans? Something like that just a little crunchier/crispier/harder however you call it. I hearts the Miso soup there too where you have to drink directly from the bowl hahaha and I was like frantically searching for the unavailable spoon. Ok yes I cannot help but sing Tegomass's 'Miso Soup' song in my head every time I drank it wth my fangirl tendencies is crossing over to my offline life.

Anyway moving on, Forever 21 is simply lovely! And is probably the only affordable store in the entire mall beside Target and JC Penny because every other shop we went in after that were branded ones and every item cost like minimum 70 which is damn expensive for me at least (regular clothes/shoes all cost like 20 and below) but omg the items in those stores are like really really gorgeous! And this is where I discover how different I am from her where she zooms into every of these shops and just buy anything that catches her eyes but strangely enough I do not feel a pang of jealousy or envy and it was fun to help her pick out clothes =)

And contrary to what people always think of rich people being snobs, it is in fact the very opposite ok. After telling her my budget for stuff, she actually drove me to various other places she'd never visited before just to find the perfect bag and shoes for me ok wth so touched till can cry and I dunno why she kept apologizing when she couldn't find what I want cuz that is so not her fault ok and she actually went digging through every sales rack to find the items that suit me and omg she is such a great help in telling me what matches what and stuff. I think she is really one of the nicest person I've ever met and I thank God for blessing me with such awesome friends throughout my life.

As we were relaxing in Starbucks after those endless hours of shopping, we talked about our lives and it turns out that her dad is a popular Korean actor and she came here alone to escape the craziness. It was fun to learn about the Korean people lives and to hear the horror stories of their endless high school study life where I cannot help but breathe a silent thank you that I wasn't born into Korea, Japan or Taiwan omg I think I cannot survive there.

Anyway, I had a smashing time today and she said she might bring me to Little Tokyo some other day (yay!) and hopefully we'll manage to enroll in the same Japanese classes next semester =) I would love to travel to Japan with her one day but I promised Ammy I'll go with her first and she would kill me if I were to break my promise wth. Silly Ammy, you would always be my 'twin' ok like how Nasha is my bff and it doesn't matter how many new friends I make, they'll never replace my old ones but would just be a newer addition in my life

Ok I am really dead tired now so I shall end my diary like post here. Byebye~


Akira 思胜 said...

Argh, I hope to see the pictures of japanese food next time ya! Gosh, I'm hunger for that!!!

Ammy said...
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hana said...

@akira: ok will do so next time ^^