Thursday, October 16, 2008


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh hai, sorry I've not been updating much but frankly speaking nothing epic happened over the week for me to rant about and I'm sure you're sick to the core of Edward (I finished the Twilight saga yesterday!) and I don't think you care much for Tegomass recent flail-worthy otpness so that leaves me nothing to write about.

No disgruntled feelings either cuz I've ace a couple of papers and my English prof. loves me now because of that and I find it hard to hate her anymore like I did initially cuz I seriously do not know how to hate someone when they smile widely at you calling you sweetie and hun and stuff so byebye feelings of dread and dislike.

Plus things took an interesting change over the week and in the blink of an eye everything changes and life is simply lovely atm.


Have never felt happier in months

Byebye days of listlessness and boredom. Days of loneliness and mopey crap. Endless days where my social life plummeted to the depths of hel-- ok ok fine, I shall shut up now.

Anyway, prayers answered and now its time to pray for newer things and wish for other stuff =D

Like a job *grimaces*

Sigh I need a job job job ok why is it so damn hard to find one puny job here damnit I need money to go on shopping sprees ok why why why is life like this? Hello, willing worker here! *throw hands up in despair*

I want a DS Lite ok sigh sigh sigh and why am I typing everything in threes seriously I am annoying myself even.

Ok byebye I am off to practice my Japanese which I've been neglecting for the past weeks.


Happy! ♥


sharon (^.^) said...

japanese?? u must be pro den

Akira 思胜 said...

Woohoo, glad to see that you are happy!

Abi~♥ said...

hannah sim poh joy i demand tht u buy a DSL (when u're willing to part wit ur $$) coz matt just dl "my japanese coach" it teaches japanese.

omg yay! =D haha.

so go buy so we can learn it together =D

hana said...

@sharon: no, just a beginner ^^

@akira: lol thanks ne ^^

@abi: I already have Rosetta Stone installed on my computer and its damn good for Japanese lessons. Plus I would be going for official Japanese lessons in my college from next semester onwards together with a friend =D