Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guitar Hero

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Was invited by a church's youth group to this video gaming party last week where we can be rock stars for the night. Hahaha so funny ok rock stars what kind of video game is that so of course curious lil me decided to go and have a look.

Of course, the tiny statement of 'refreshments would be provided' helped in my decision too =) Eh, even if the party turned out to be boring at least still got food to eat ok.

But bah all junk food so I didn't eat much. Don't like chips and soda.

No one looking quickly snap pic....

Anyway, I don't really have much things to write on this party cause it was so-so. Dunno why some people aspire to live in the States so much. People here sleep at 9 ok wth I've just asked my course mates ok srsly 9pm?! *aghast* So no life one. Unless you want to go clubbing which imo is also equally as keh liao. Where is the 'eat out at Secret Recipe till 11pm' and 'party at friends houses till 12am' lifestyle the people in Kuching lead?

And when I ask them what people here normally do for fun since I see NO PEOPLE everytime I go out (unless it's an Asian area then sama-sama always got people lepak everywhere lol) and all restaurants are damn empty cause everyone prefers 'drive throughs', and guess what they tell me? 'Oh, people here normally just hang out at friends houses'.

dot. dot. dot.

I want to cry ok how can like this one!!!!! I want the 'yum char' lifestyle, 'bo su zhor go the Spring eat and shop' lifestyle, 'besong-ly share the cinema space with stupid Ah Lians on Wednesday cause tickets are half-priced' lifestyle and the list go on.

This is how I feel leh! T___T

I need a shipment of 983719313 Msian people to here asap to teach people here how to enjoy life wth. Either that or move to Arcadia where all the Asians are which incidentally are where all the huge malls and various eateries are because we Asians love to eat and spend our free time wandering aimlessly around malls =D

Ok back to topic. Yes, this is where rock stars are made before they are marketed into Hollywood lol.

It's kinda like o2Jam where you hit the correct notes before it falls beyond a certain line. Only you use specially designed musical instruments instead of a keyboard heh. You can choose to either sing, play the drums, guitar or bass.

Oh oh and the animated lead singer in the game is DAMN HOT OK SALKDJSDSA LIKE A TOTAL BISHIE but he keeps moving and all my pics of him turns out blur so no pic to show you guys =C

Sigh why my facial expression so lidat one. Stupid Lei you dunno how to take pics hia? Make me look as if I am semi-retarded lidat =_= Just for the record, I enjoyed playing the game =)

Haolian put medium (or was it hard?) just cuz she is a drummer in real life too. Don't like you Lei for always getting the beat right *shuns*

Anyway, guess how much this whole gaming set cost?

$93 nia!!!!! For everything ok! Not per instrument ok! But everything. OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. So effing cheap can!!!! And they still say expensive wth you're kidding me, if Kuching had sold this back then I would have so asked daddy to buy the whole lot for me so me and my friends can jam all day long with it =D SUPER FUN CAN?!

'I might even be a rock star~♪' *sings to Hannah Montana's song*


P/S Ammy: I know you want to strangle me now. But it serves you right for asking me to shut up in your blog and for thinking so little of me in your latest post. I hope you love your new layout now. It's worth going bananas over. HAHAHAHA XD

Yes, I was always the evil twin *snickers*


Ammy said...

omg hana. i have no words for you

sharon (^.^) said...

erm.. i have words for u!

harrooowww hannah!

see how nice am i..

Leira said...

Hahahaha! Bananas! HAHAHAHA! farni~

hana said...

@ammy: SMIRKS

@sharon: haha harlo~

@leira: serves her right. should put monkeys next hehe.

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

LOL...Live Concert!