Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kawaiiness ♥

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nooooooo!!!! Why must they put this scene in the DVD? Noooooo! I am so tempted to buy the DVD now and the only thing preventing me from doing so is the lack of subtitles. I refuse to buy anything I cannot understand. The subs below is done by newshfan.

aljdkladkladladad a forlorn looking Tegoshi self-filming in bed because the rest of the members refuse to play with him is so love

Tegoshi is still my absolute fav. ok forget all the other stars I've previously ranted about cuz none of them come close to NEWS at all after all =)

And yes, that scene is from the Pacific Tokyo Dome Concert DVD which was finally released lately and I have just finished watching it with all my sisters. Why yes, I am doing all I can to influence my youngest 2 sisters into the Asian culture because no way am I letting them grow up watching crappy American TV like 'Desperate Housewife', 'One Tree Hill' or 'You think you can dance' or 'American Idol' wth so stupidly boring and oversexed.

Will blog more about the DVD later~

Mainly to annoy Ammy who cannot download the DVD at the moment due to her crappy internet line kuakuakua =D


Akira 思胜 said...

Is a guy over there right? Haha, seems like a girl to me...

hana said...

ITS A GUY!!! yealar i know, he looks like a cute girl. In fact my parents say so too. But he still got um a little boyish look?


Actually I'm more towards the jealous side. Totally unfair for guys to look better than real girls =C