Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Church

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visited an all Chinese church today. Yeah, until today still haven't managed to find a suitable one haih. Oh the service is in English ok cause my Chinese is so cacat honestly cause the last time I attended one, I was stumped when the pastor said 'mo tou fu' (grind tofu) to sell and I cannot understand why someone would go and 'mo' the tofu like wth who wants broken tofu until my mom told me 'mo tou fu' means 'make tofu' -.- I srsly don't get the Chinese language at times.

Was greeted halfway by a siao lang also. Thank goodness I cannot understand Cantonese so I just went 'har' before the pastor hurriedly usher me in. Seriously, why do all churches here have at least one unsound person and why oh why always we kena ambush by them on our every first visit to various churches -_- Omg leave me alone can? Maybe I should bring garlic with me next time to ward these people off?

The pastor is an angmoh surprisingly and is um kinda obese. Which is very distracting really cause every now and then during the sermon my mind would be filled with stupid images like how the circumference of his belt is probably the size of a kids swimming pool and how if I were to wear his pants, I would be like so effing skinny heeheehee and can play the 'stretch pants out forward with hands to show how much space there is left' movement as seen in all weight loss ads and just what on earth did he eat till can become that size and would his wife be crushed beneath him during ahem? *ponders*

It didn't help that I was sitting all the way in front of him again. If I look at him, my mind wanders and if I were to look down, later people think I fall asleep. Dilemma dilemma. So I alternated between looking up then down every few minutes haha.

Oh crap, now that I think of it I must have looked like a bobble-head doll =C

Lipo should be made affordable. Seriously. Goodness know how America needs it badly. The sight of amorphous blobs blobbing around the city is quite queasy-ish. I really cannot understand how they ended up that way. It's very different from the fat people in Asia ok cuz the ones here looked as if someone stuffed wads of jiggly silicone into them and shook them a few times before the silicones finally settles down in various areas. It's so uneven ok. Skinny lower arms, fat upper arms, huge waist, tiny legs etc. I really don't get it at all.....

Anyway back to topic where like all churches, we as visitors got free mugs! =D

Daddy taught me something useful just now which I shall now pass on to all of you heh =) If you ever plan to go overseas to live, no need bring or buy mugs. Just visit a new church every week! And as soon as you collect 30 mugs or so then just stick to one church. Save a heck lot of money as mugs don't come cheap ok. Hahaha useful tip no? =PPP

No lah, we don't visit churches to get mugs ok apa lah you lol. That was just a thought. We're still trying to find one to settle in and I really want to try the mixed Chinese/Korean/Japanese church but daddy don't let me *sulks* He insists on an all Chinese church. Bah.

Anyway, I just discover to my dismay that I cannot attend the free kick-boxing classes this month because it clashes with my daddy's classes *sulks deeper* I regret not sitting for my driving test earlier wth. Am going to sit for the written test this Friday. Hmph.

Oh, wish me luck =)


Akira 思胜 said...

As visitor got free mugs? Haha, I want a mug too! Greedy...

eunice said...

Hi Hana! I want a mug too! hehe

Thank you very much for all your precious votes. I appreciate your support very much!

The result will be out only on the 5th Sept during the award ceremony. So still way to go, but in terms of vote count, I led the Best photo blog category. I will definitely post the result on my blog when the "judgement" day comes.

Ha! Not that I made S'pore pretty, it's pretty, that makes my photos look good (I hope) hehe. Thanks!

Abi~♥ said...

hana! good luck! oh man u cant go to the kick boxing thingy. if u do i wanted u to blog bout it or sth coz i wanna take self defense classes too hehe.

eh the churches there so rich ka give free mugs n we GOT ppl wit freaky bodies here. ahem... skinny upper part HUGE BUTT & THIGHS

hana said...

@akira: lol a mug. just visit churches XD

@eunice: Good to know you're leading. Ive read most of the blogs in tht category and urs definitely has the nicest photos^^ Good luck!

@abi: Self-defense? haha i wanted to go because I heard tht kick boxing gives u a hot bod lol. self-defense just buy pepper spray lah haha.


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Hana: I am back! Sorry for being away for so long. I am on my vacation in the Midwest.

I can imagine how you feel looking at your obese pastor. It's funny how you came up with so many hilarious comments, haha! I think American's eat too much burgers and french fries!

Also, your dad's thought is so funny too. I still haven't found the right church. Hmm.. maybe I'll try to collect some mugs first. Nothing to loose... * wink!

And also I am back with updates.

Abi~♥ said...

oh dont deny it ok!