Friday, August 15, 2008


Friday, August 15, 2008
I told myself to not bother explaining on why I took off my chatbox but I keep getting questions from various people asking what happened srsly you'll think what I did was something drastic that could affect the world wth. Anyway, I shall now tell you why. But before I start let me just state that I am talking in a general sense and my dislike here is for the way you do things and not you as a person.

Now the whole point of a chatbox to me is so friends of mine can leave me random messages like for example Matt discovering an awesome album (omg go dl Q;indivi album ok super nice!) and wants to drop me the link or simply for all my friends to crap and spam there. Now when I say friends, I mean friends who knows me in real life.

It is NOT for you blogwhorers to ask me to visit your bloody dull as dishwater blogs which I have absolutely no interest in. 'Youngest tech guru' Xavier wth and I am Princess of Japan -rolls eyes- Please la hor, get yourself a real job instead of dreaming on how to make money from blogs. Hate this group of people the most. Until the day I see bloggers making the list of the world's richest in Forbes then maybe I reconsider my views.

It is NOT for you to leave happy weekend/monday/january/ 'insert name of day' messages either. It's ok for the first few times but after a while it’s damn insincere and I know all you want me to do is visit your blog. If I love your blog, I've already bookmarked you so stop bothering me to read and if I hate your blog? Stop pestering me to read it and just gtfo before I lash out at you. Have no interest in soporific stuff like 'making money on blogs' or handmade creations.

It is NOT for you people to leave comments that do not concerns me in the least like telling me you've just updated or you're going to the North Pole next week. I have google reader to keep track of blog updates and unless you're getting me a souvenir from where you're going, I don't care to know. Unless of course you are my rl friends then I am itching to know every single detail so I can coerce you to buy something back for me wish you a safe journey =)

Bloghopping. I used to do that for a short period of time in the past so I am also guilty wth but at least I don't anymore so I think I can rant about it haha. Actually I don't mind bloghoppers as long they leave butter-me-up comments like 'nice blog' etc. even if they don't really mean it and is just a ploy to get me to visit their blogs which I usually don't anyway cause I am lazy just like that =P But at least create some interesting comments lar instead of 'I was here' cause really who are you till I must care if you were here?

And no, I don't like exchanging links. I am a neat freak ok and I spring clean my list every month deleting dead links, blogs I don't read anymore etc. because I think I have an obsessive compulsive disorder wth so I only link blogs of friends or blogs I like. I do not want to make friends with the blogosphere just so more people would read my blog. Have better things to do than read blogs I dislike just because I want them to read me back (-_-)' So don't bother asking unless of course you are a JE fan then LET'S BE FRIENDS NOW hahaha so we can fangirl away XD

Bottom line is all these people are putting off my friends from leaving me any messages because they are sick of the spams and it’s damn frustrating for me ok because I miss reading their cute messages and if my friends aren't leaving me messages anymore then I don't see the point of a chatbox any longer hence the deletion.

Plus I realize that I can leave super long replies in the comment boxes *happy* and so I plan to keep my blog the way it is now =)


Akira 思胜 said...

Hehe, at least I know you, right? Nice to know you too!

Ammy said...

wtf you go die la didn't mention that bitch bridge person that keep pestering you to look at her ugly blog with her ugly face and her stupud never ending vacation.

wtf i hate idiots like that

Lance said...

Am I your friend? *puppyeyes*

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Now i understand your reasons =)
Am i your good friend? LOL

hana said...

@akira: haha nice to know you too =)

@lance: yes you are lar lol.

@jeromefo: you never spam my chatbox leh so none of those applies to you haha. And yes since you were the nice person who always send me nice testi last time, i think you're nice =)

Ammy said...


Faye said...

Agreed, these random spammers can get rather annoying, but sometimes it's easier for people to leave a short comment on a shoutbox, particularly when blogger decides to be a bitch and not load comments boxes properly. It's also good for lazy people like me. XD But then again, people will use the cboxes to comment and not the actual comment boxes. As you've seen, ever since you took down the cbox your comments have greatly increased. Great strategy I must say. :)

Abi~♥ said...

hahaaaaa hanaaaaa i think im ur fren rite u love me i noe so i wan the password for ur locked posts can??? am itching wit curiosity now!

unless it's reli private then its okay =)

i miss ur cbox tho. =(

hana said...

@faye: haha i didn't do tht so people wud comment in the comment boxes but i must say it IS lovely to read comments here instead lol. Bah my spams are like super a lot to the point I cannot stand it anymore. Plus my friends all told me they refuse to comment there anymore so I do not want a spam box lol.

And blogger does not load comment boxes properly? No leh, i think tht is Msia internet line problem cuz ever since I came here, blogger has been nothing but lovely lol.

@abi: I love u lots but those are private locked =) Meaning um personal events. I will give out the password for f-locked posts only (friends-locked) and till you see an f-lock one then u can ask me for the pass for it lol.