Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Music Under The Stars

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attended an open-air concert on Memorial Day and it was awesome. The orchestra was awesome and it's as good as any first class concert with the only difference of it being free courtesy of Target hee~

I did say that Memorial Day (beside honoring those soldiers) was to mark the first day of Summer right? Guess who was wearing 3 layers that night and still felt cold?

Omg, it was 55 degrees ok which would be 12 degrees Celsius for the rest of you.

Plus there was WIND making it even chillier and by the end of the concert me and 2nd sis were shivering like cellphones on vibrate mode. Hahaha Haptic! Seriously, I'm surprised my internal organs aren't blended into mush yet at the rate I was shivering.....

It got worse when the opera singer started singing as everytime she sings, the air got 10 degrees colder. She IS good but her rendition of 'Summer Time' felt more like Winter and left me cold and wishing for NEWS version of 'Summer Time' instead lol.

Anyway, next time I am bringing 2 thick blankets, a pillow, a flask of hot cocoa and a mini-stove. No I am not kidding ok cause tons of people did that too, well except for the mini-stove but hey they would so shut up and envy me when I start roasting hotdogs over my stove =P

Yes okay it is perfectly normal to just spread a sheet on the ground and lie on it in public here. Provided that there are events of course =)

Target puppy!

So cute ok when it took over and started conducting the orchestra while wagging it's tail!!!

ajlkdgjlgksdljgsd I want a dog =C

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