Sunday, April 27, 2008

There Is Just Something So Sexy.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008
........about being bitten on the neck by a super hot vampire XP

Vampire Knight is the anime of the year that managed to attract me back to the anime world. It is totally my type of anime ok. Read: Full of bishies where the plot is direct with simple terms and explanations so you don't need to think. Omg I dislike animes where I have to exert brainpower to figure out what's going on with DN being the only exception cause L is totally hot so I don't mind rewinding the video many times to understand what he is trying to say and the fact that it is of the thriller genre (my fav.)

Am loving the black suit like uniform on Zero =D

Anyway as I was saying, the vampires are like so freakin hot in here it's a crime because I thought they are supposed to be ugly creatures? Think Nosferatu and Count Dracula.

Oooh, I so love it when the Japanese can change something so hideous into something so damn beautiful and desirable ok.

Grab. Licks. Bite.


Vampire Knight is

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