Monday, April 28, 2008

Bunk Beds

Monday, April 28, 2008
Every night I am pelted with doggies, water bottles, books and a four feet teddy bear from my sister bed above. Am very mad cause there I am sitting happily on the floor beside my bed playing away at my laptop and suddenly 'BAM' a bolster falls onto my head.

Then yesterday night, lo and behold it was my SISTER HERSELF who fell off the bed onto unsuspecting me who was happily watching anime below on the floor.


Of course I screamed and who wouldn't if 35kg of weight falls on you?? Pffft....and I was scolded because of that omg. Just because I am older does not mean my head is made out of bowling balls ok?! She isn't hurt one bit if that's what you're asking cause she fell completely on me thus using me as a cushion to break her fall.

And now I am forced to switched to the top bunk. I hate the top bunk. The countless times I bruise my ankles and knees climbing over the rails *wails*

I so miss my life in Kuching where I had an entire room to myself T3T

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