Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Super Happy

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Happiness arrived in the form of a big brown box today..........

My PINK lappie has finally arrived! *bounces around in joy*

100% pure chio-ness. With pink mouse and pink pig speakers my dear friends gave me =D

Some people might be going all 'Why Dell?' now so I shall tell you why.....

CAUSE IT COMES IN PINK. Like duh. -rolls eyes-

The only other notebook that comes in pink would be Sony Vaio but then ar the keypad don't know why a hideous black color when the entire surface is pink. Plus Dell is like cheaper by a few hundred too.

It's Vista meaning all my games cannot play also wth. Stupid Microsoft. Always selling us substandard products that need to be upgraded every few years. I should so sue them. I might get millions and would be known as 'the girl who sued Mircrosoft' and forever no need to work liao. Can go Japan and stalk JE.

Have 250GB of HD space which used to be so awesome to me when I first placed my order for it till we bought the desktop and found that it has 600GB. Yealah, I am greedy la. What to do leh? I dislike settling for second best.

Nevertheless I LOVE it to bits cause now it means I needn't fight with 5 other family members to use the other 2 comps cause you should see the speed of my mom's email writing.......3 hours for like 25 lines I kid you not!




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