Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Time

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Am just so haaaaaaappy cause NEWS latest PV finally aired yesterday and like it or not I am going to fangirl kao kao for now =DDDD I love this song a lot and cannot wait for summer to come too so I can say goodbye to this horrid cold weather once and for all.

Youtube doesn't do justice to this PV. It's a million times more awesome in high quality.

OMG I so love this PV cause it's so filled with cuteness and member ai ok! Though I bet the guys are probably going 'you mean gayness' XD

But they are so cute and hot!!! How come such guys can actually exists? This is so damn unfair to 99.9% of the world population. Giving girls ridiculous ideals and guys inferiority complexes. Yes, TVXQ also included. Because no such guys can exist in the real world ok. Sure they may have the same good looks but never the same cute personalities. Chio girls on the other hand is the same both in the entertainment industry and off. Like really, all the hot guys are mostly cold and would rather die than be caught dead making cute hand gestures and stuff. So why the heck are we fangirls so damn unrealistic one???

Anyway, am happy that they return to making cheerful upbeat songs as I didn't quite like their last single where it was kinda dark and just don't suit their silly personalities at all.

Everyone is just so perfect in here even Ryo, yealar Abi I take back everything I said about him =P If I'm not wrong, this PV and their CM were shot in Hawaii! Astagfaslalasd I want to go back to Hawaii cause I so damn miss that place ok and next summer die die must fly back there to stay. *must start writing letters to all long lost acquaintances back there*

Kyaaaaa~ Tegooooooshi!!!!!

Yes, you are cuter than a 100 JaeJoongs XD

Tegoshi 2.gif


I think JE should make everyone keep the hairstyles they are sporting in here forever cause it's the best I have ever seen on them.


Until today I still cannot decide who is cuter.

You or YunHo.

Both are so my ideal type of guys.

And Pi is still as hot as always =)

I so like Shige in here too but I think I better stop with the gifs lol. Just watch the video above.

*sigh* Love their cheesiness~♥

Ok, back to hitting the books now.....

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