Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's Talk About Music

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I seriously need an Ipod or some sort of MP3 player now cause my phone can no longer hold all my songs and videos. Last time I was fine cause I only listened to Jay and English songs whereas now my music has expanded to Japanese, Korean and Chinese songs too.

What to do? I have a very wide taste in music. What? You think I only listen to pretty boybands like NEWS or Tohoshinki meh? I find it quite irritating really when people always stereotype me by what I blog and go all 'You like this song meh???' with a look that implies I'm supposed to be this girl who loves bubblegum pop only every time I say I like a certain non-pop song. Yes, I like pop, rock, trance, techno, ballad, R&B, jazz, classical, electronic pop etc. heck, Gwen Stefani even ok! Cannot meh?

But like what for I want to blog about those artists le they not shuai at all unlike YunJae!!!!

Like so CUTE can them both!!!♥

Digressing a little now but I'm so freakin obsessed with them now due to the lack of new NEWS videos (what happen to all the fansubbers? T__T) Yunjae is YunHo and JaeJoong la ok but I'm so lazy to type 'YunHo and JaeJoong' every time I want to rant about them so 'YunJae' it shall be since they are the only ones I care for in Tohoshinki. Hottest duo ever. So if you have any videos or sites or stuff about them please tell me hor!!!! =D

Back to topic, half the time I don't even know who the singers are either and just download their entire album if I like a few of their songs and it's best that way too cause every time I love a really nice song where the voices are heavenly, the singer (when I finally get a glimpse of them on TV) always come out 'beautifully challenged' and not like what I had imagined them to be.......think Guy Sebastian, HelloGoodbye, Bowling for Soup, Tension, Uverworld etc.

I like music for what it is and couldn't care less if it's 'cool' or 'uncool'. Neither do I care much for lyrics. Most people would like a song for it's lyric and how they can so relate to it but I like a song the moment I hear that the beat is right. And don't you just HATE it when some people would just grab your phone or mp3 player and start scrolling through your playlist and going all 'Eww, you like *insert singer name* meh? They suck la! So lame one the music etc.' making you feel loserish.


You know what? STFU. I really dislike people like these. Thinking that listening to current popular hits makes them cooler than you. And like damn insulting ok so you're saying I have no taste for liking her music? mlm. At least I'm not a mindless trend follower like you. I don't mind if you say 'oh you like this person music? I don't really like it though. I find them a bit weird etc.' or diss them in your blogs and stuff but to imply that someone is stupid for listening to said singer in their face after taking their phones without permission in the first place is seriously unforgivable. The many times I want to throw my phone in their snotty faces......

Back to music, I like everything except metal and 'extremes'. I never and probably never will get the hype about metal music. Like wth la music my eye. It's just a jumble of discordant sounds. So if I string a bunch of cans together and shake it vehemently while yodeling in a screechy voice, it's music too? It's NOISE la ok. UNWANTED noise to be exact.

'Extremes' on the other hand is what I call songs that are extreme in nature to their respective genre. For example slow slow slower than slug moving on glue sloooow ballads. Like totally no music can?! Until today I have yet to finish 'Only You' and the furthest I got was 4 sentences into the song and the last 3 were spent trying to find the remote to switch songs. I think can sprout white hair just by listening to it la ok.

Then you have rock songs that turn on the distortions all the way throughout the song. As if a hurricane was going on in the background when they recorded it. It's so horribly distorted I don't even know how to describe it. Wait, actually I think I can, go ask your little brother to scream into a whirling fan for 4 minutes and you'll get the idea.

A cheaper substitute when you have no money to buy those fancy distortion gadgets

Like damn annoying can? Just a minimal amount is enough like Linkin Park and Nickelback, my two favorite rock bands ever.

Another would be really heavy techno music that can put 1000 African bongos drums to shame. I think I hate hate hate this the most ok cause it sounds like nothing but a recording of heartbeats at different rates amplified at a gazillion decibels wth.

Yes, I swear this is how techno music are created

Yes, I know how it sounds like cause last time this ahbeng worker of my dad (no! my daddy don't do ahbeng stuff la ok and he's fired a long time ago liao. The ahbeng and not my daddy la ok) left his techno CDs in our car and we got a rude shock when we started the car. It's not even sexy at all! Techno is supposed to be sexy not meh? Nice techno would be Cascada or Groove Coverage like that la ok cause it still have melody.

Ok la. I think I diss enough music liao and I better stop before someone throw broken CDs at me ok.

*Sigh* I really love M-flo and Clazziquai Project music now. It's electronic pop and it's absolutely friggin perfect for late nights or should I say early early mornings like 12-3am lol. Yes, it's very late now and I should sleep. Stupid phone memory full now so cannot load any new songs in (-_-x)

I really really need an iPod la. Shall go look for a chio one this weekend or something.


Anonymous said...

I saw Guy up close and personal recently. He is absolutely gorgeous and exotic looking, and a hot body. The camera doesn't do him justice.

Hana said...

Really? You mean he slimmed down now? Well, thats nice to hear lol. He does have an angelic voice =)