Friday, April 11, 2008

America FTW!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008
I tell you America seriously pwns! Each day I keep discovering new sophisticated systems till I feel so sua ba lao like that can? Life is like so systematic and easy here it's cho unbelievable.

I'm not very sure of the technology advancement in Malaysia now but back in Kuching whenever our computers run into various problems, we have no choice but to lug the whole darn thing to the repair shop or hire someone to come fix it which almost ALWAYS end up in MULTIPLE trips due to the incompetence of some of those young IT guys who hasn't the ability to fix the damn problem as I, ME, HANNAH have to point out where various things are and how to enter into the system etc. like what the heck you're supposed to be the tech savvy while I waste my time doing frivolous things like painting my nails la ok!

And yet they still have the audacity to charge us exorbitant fees when half the time it was I, ME, HANNAH who fixed the problem out of sheer frustration of seeing the supposed IT guy hopelessly clicking his way to Mars -rolls eyes- seriously I don't understand how.....*mutters incoherently*

But here in America leh?


See? My laptop keep freezing for no apparent reason everytime it awakes from sleep mode till I get seriously annoyed and when it just had to freeze in the middle of Bleach where my favorite shinigami Ashido (super hot guy la, byebye Ichigo) was about to kick some Menos butt, I snapped.

So I logged on to Dell website to write an email but then there was this chat option so I chose that instead and in less than a minute I was hooked up with one of Dell's technician. Walao, 2am still got people working one.....zombies hia these service agents? And you know how they fix my problem???

They had me install this program where he can view and control my screen le! So we're like practically sharing screens la ok! And he can just fix all my problems on MY computer from HIS computer somewhere in a tiny office in the US. Can like reboot the system and reconnect back to him after it restarts again le! Flipping satt la ok till I was left staring stupidly at my screen watching him moving my cursor everywhere to configure my system.

What the heck la. No need to lug heavy computers, no need to invite strangers to your house, can require assistance at any ungodly hour of the night, your problems are all resolved in one sitting and best of all: IT'S FREEEEEE!!!!!

*proclaims undying love for America* I swear I love this country more and more =)


Anonymous said...

lol, it is jz ur "luck" dat u met wrong ppl (they r not IT guys as dey r totally not qualified) in kch...

er... dat so call "sharing screen" prog is a kind of Remote Access and Desktop Software.... n popular since years ago. I use it for uncountable times liao lo, jz wonder y kch "IT guy" so sua pa lao....

Hana said...

No, its not only that guy. Anyway, no one uses it in Kuching at all. Always must either bring comp to shop or guy come and fix.

Kuching should implement the use of it. Makes life so much easier *shrugs*