Friday, March 28, 2008

New Desktop

Friday, March 28, 2008

I has got a NEW computer!!!!

Bye bye you stupid dinosaur of an Acer laptop that always jam when I multi task. Isn't the new comp just SO CHIO??? The screen is like 2 times of my face ok! And it's Vista meaning got so many cool new gadgets on it like a slideshow on the right hand side where NEWS pics can scroll by every few second (which I deselect cause later daddy scold lol) and notes and weather report etc.

And the CPU comes with a built in card reader HA! Actually everything thing comes with that including printers but my computer back in Kuching don't have mah.

But you know the BEST part of all???

Six hundred gigabyte of storage space.

Maybe that isn't so impressive in word form so I shall use numerical form instead....

600GB OK!!!!!!!!!


OMG can store like tons of videos and stuff!!!! Who cares about lack of storage space anymore? Not me! Together with my super fast internet line, everything is WIN. Not like stupid Malaysia where the line is like ah pek like that and sometime can die suddenly in the middle of your download which you've waited for HOURS for it to complete.

Am I mean? Cause every time I see my friends blogging about how Streamyx is a bitch or how storage space is severely lacking and they have to delete stuff, I feel all gleeful knowing that I have no such problems anymore =P

What the pie I'm not going back to Malaysia anymore. Forget it. I think I probably die if I resume using Streamyx.

Whee~~~ Shall go download all my favorite dramas now!


Timothy said...

600GB? Forgive my geekyness, but that's a bit unusual. HDD's usually come in 80GB, 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB sizes.

Are you stringing 2 250GB and 320GB HDD's together?

Hana said...

oh....all i know is tht all together I have 600GB of space.

Yes there are 3 separate drives.

sorry la, i din knw tht HDD cannot be added together i guess.

lol i am after all a noob in computer technical terms lol. i just wanted to say that i have 600GB thts all =P

Timothy said...

Actually they can be quoted as one figure these days with RAID, but i think I better stop here else something bad happens. :D