Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally Found It!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am one happy happy girl right now =D After like MONTHS of fruitless searching where I finally gave up all hopes of ever finding the song, I finally found it! (Thanks to a friend. See bottom of post) Neh, I'm talking about NEWS - Hoshi wo Mezashite song below....

I saw it once on Animax and fell in love with the song. It's really nice! Play it! It has English subs. The band members are all surprisingly handsome too. It's very very super rare to find a Japanese band where nearly all their members look hot cause after months of watching Music Station on Animax this was the only band that actually caught my fancy. Korea and Taiwan have plenty though. Especially model factory lidat.

After watching them perform on Animax I tried googling them all over the net to download the song but all I got was CNN NEWS, BBC NEWS etc. Sweat ok?! -_- I couldn't type the song name in either because I had no idea how to decipher those tiny little Japanese characters on my TV screen and no, there wasn't any translation either =( Was very fed up after weeks of searching and quite annoyed at this NEWS band for choosing such a lousy name.

True bah! How to be famous lidat if every time you try googling them and you get CNN??? Note to all aspiring singers out there hor, DON'T ever choose names where it's other meaning is more popular than you can ever be. Like calling your band Lollipop or Hotcakes for example. You try and see la... See you get your band pics or pics of various desserts first every time you search. Sheesh, you think their publicity agents would have thought of that....

I like this guy!!! He's my immediate favorite when I saw him performing on Animax as above =D So yan dao!!! Have no idea what his name is though....have no idea what any of their members' names are fact, I know nothing about them at all T_T ....told you I cannot find them through Google already. So if you know who the guy above is please tell me =)

Taken from the MV. Same guy.

Just a closer shot for you to admire him.

But my sister took one look at them performing and immediately said this guy:

is way hotter than my preferred guy mentioned just now which I assume should be the leader of the group from the way he act. I told her NO WAY and said the leader is like 10 times hotter but she stood by her words and told me to mentally erase the guy's hair which I think is freakin ugly what with it sticking out all over making him look fat. Seeing as how I have no vivid imagination whatsoever thanks to my non-artistic blood, I stared at him for 1 minute and still declare the leader is still by far the hottest until today where I found their original MV and saw 'her guy' in another hairstyle......

KIMOCHI!!!! SUPER HOT LA!!!! *star struck*

I take back what I said before. He is definitely hotter than the leader. Hotter than Toma again maybe XP Has like the nicest voice too! He should fire the hairstylist that did his hair on Music Station. Dunno how many new fans he lost already thanks to that horrible hairstyle. My sister gave me a smug 'I told you so' and since that moment on, I secretly vow to make her my 'hot guy detector'. Neh, you know you have 'metal detectors' right? Well, I have 'hot guy detector' now. Nyah-ah better than yoooou *smirks* Since she can tell how truly hot a guy and his true 'hotness' potential even though he is currently sporting an ugly hairstyle or bad fashion sense XP

Anyway, I accidentally saw some news by random that they are kicking one guy out from NEWS and are considering Toma as his replacement?? Something like Ryo if I'm not wrong. Have no idea who Ryo is but I hope it's this guy:

Cause he's the only one we don't find hot at all so if he were to be replaced with Toma then the band would be like perfect ok! All hot guys =D


Ever since the American music industry suddenly change genre to rock and emo music I have been severely depressed. I want my Backstreet Boys, Westlife, N*Sync back ok?! Who likes emo music??? I hate it. It's noisy and the lyrics full of depressing stuff whereas boybands are full of hot guys and silly catchy tunes like the 'Weeek' video below or sweet romantic songs. Their videos are fun and makes you happy. The whole point of being entertainers is to entertain after all and I cannot see how those depressing videos you see on MTV nowadays can entertain even a clown. Thank goodness the Asian music industry still keeps the boyband trend =D

Their latest MV - Weeeek

I love it!!! If I only like them a bit before I sure as hell totally love them now after seeing them in suits!!!! *swoons* Yes, they are now automatically my favorite boyband by default (even though they are like the only Asian boyband I know of but who's taking note?) Omg, guys in suits/tux are to die for! I don't relate to the 'guys in uniform' thing but 'guys in suits' is just simply irresistible ok?! A guy automatically becomes 10 times hotter in a tux. My mind cannot function properly when I see guys in tuxes LOL.

Confirm these two are my favorite Japanese stars liao ^_^

Besides Toma of course!

I call them 'super hot guy' & 'hot leader' at the moment.

Darn it. Somebody TELL me their NAMES lar!

Well, many thanks to Weizi for introducing me this AMAZING site where you can download Chinese/Japanese/Korean singers entire albums for free! I found the 'Hoshi wo Mezashite' song through this site and has since downloaded every single NEWS song I can find heh. Got anime and all kinds of dramas too!!! Like SO WONDERFUL CAN! FREEEE!!! I love free stuff! I even downloaded Jay's latest album there and now I'm lazy to go out to buy the original Plus as if I thought I couldn't get any happier, I notice to my delight that the site is entirely in English some more =D Not like that Chinese Baidu site where I still cannot find the download button till today =(

Nah, the link:

Happy downloading ^__^

PS: Please tell me of any NEWS site you know because for goodness sake I'll like to know who is who as I can't refer to them as 'hot leader' and 'super hot guy' forever if they were to be my fav. boyband from now onwards XD

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