Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My BABY!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This has got to be another one of my proudest moment in my life! Another milestone in my achievements. It's FINALLY HERE!!!! My creation!











The T-shirt I designed with my sis for our school's ERT Club =D



CUTE?? Cute right?! Everyone says it's cute *beams happily* I can finally add 'designed a T-shirt' to a list of the many other things I've done in my life like 'design a blog', 'design slides for clients', 'design banners, posters, brochures for events', 'organized large events' and a heck lot more of other things again. The only thing left on my list at the moment is 'design a website' which I wanted to do for our MYF but had to be abandoned halfway after I discover blogger makes a lousy website and good ones need money =(

I know the shirt is quite simple la but how many teenagers do you know who actually designed a shirt and got their designs selected? This obviously leaves out people like EiChi and Faye of course seeing as they are super genius in stuff like these and I am no match for them hehe. I'm talking about the normal everyday people like me =) The joy of seeing people in school wear the shirt you designed *smile smile smile*

Original Colors

The color is supposed to be nicer actually. I spent like quite a good amount of time adding shadows and different color tones here and there in photoshop and the 'shirt making people' just simply go and leave it out. Hmph.


How soi can a person get??? Apparently, quite a lot. Today I went back to school for the HPC rehearsal but after like 2 hours of waiting around with the entire hall still in total chaos I got restless and left as I was extremely hungry and craved a Cheeseburger at the moment. So I grabbed my sis and drove to the nearest McD. (These few days our school no rules one as it's nearing the holidays and we are free to do whatever we want so technically we are not breaking any rules plus I've already gotten all vital information on what I'm supposed to do on HPC so sticking around to watch those performers rehearse is quite keh-liao seeing as I'm gonna watch them on HPC anyway) There I couldn't find a parking and had to make 4 rounds until I finally found one where it was so cramped I had a darn hard time trying to park properly. Open the doors to McD only to discover that they only serve Breakfast Meals at that time so ditto for my burger.

Then later I couldn't get out of my parking space and nearly ram into some idiot car who stupidly refused to move out of my way when she sees all so well that I have a lot of difficulties trying to reverse already and do NOT need her car booth in my way. Stupid woman still stare at me like some clam until I stick my head out of the window and pointedly asked her to MOVE. Seriously, I was like ONE INCH to hitting her car and she still refuse to budge!!! Like waiting for me to ram into her is it??!!! *&^$$^*(#@%

Still unwilling to give up my burger craves I drove down to KFC and found to my disappointment that it only open at 10. Made a wrong turning somewhere and had to go one big round back on track. Very hungry and sulky this time liao. Drove back to the school to collect my sister's bag and decided to drop by the kolo mee stall opposite our school where some idiot try to harass me in the parking lot behind the stall to which I pointedly ignore and would gladly kick him in the balls were he to annoy me further as I was looking for any reason to unleash all my pent up frustrations at that time. But he was smart and gave up after a while thus saving his balls unknowingly. Walked into the kolo mee stall to 'tapao' kolo mee......


Right behind us was a church member eating kolo mee. Die. Quickly turned our backs only to find ANOTHER church member INSIDE the stall staring right back at us. Double Die. And we were wearing our uniforms again. TRIPLE DIE. If such a thing was possible.

So NOT looking forward to Sunday where there would bound to be endless questions.

Totally busted.

Thus end the 'soi-ness' of my day right after I missed yet ANOTHER turning on my way back home due to distractions and had to circle round the kolo mee shop again giving them a view of my car thus further solidifying their proof that it is indeed us.

I seriously hate my life at times.

**But if you are waiting to rat on us to our parents, save it. They know all about it seeing as we ate our kolo mee right in front of them plus they know that there isn't any lessons at school at the moment which is why they gave me the car to drive home early. So we omitted the part about those 2 church members.....well....they don't need to know that. They can find out on Sunday seeing that FOR SURE there will be questions from those people. This sucks. We didn't do anything wrong and our parents know all about our doings anyway but it's the explaining to others part which I hate. Such a hassle as people always tend to simply jump to their own conclusions. Hopefully they would forget about ever seeing us.**


May25 said...

omg n YOU called ME road blind. lol.

Lance said...

can explain more about d guy who harass u?

tell ur church pp ur school canteen is not open or tat day school finish early ^^

Hana said...

@abi: AHEM. I am GPS compared to a certain someone. AHEM.

@lance: he's some idiot who keeps doing weird stuff and i didn't bother to look at him whn he call out becuz thts d smart thg to do rite? ehehehe

THATS A GREAT EXCUSE!!! The school finish early part. HA! Shall use tht. =D