Monday, October 15, 2007

Hair Story

Monday, October 15, 2007
I finally went back to my favorite hairdresser to fix my hair and got a scolding from her... She said my hair is now officially damaged....


Toot the previous cheap fraud of a hairdresser who used some unknown chemicals on my hair! Toot you for life!!!! I hate you.....

Anyway this hairdresser of mine managed to fix it. She straighten the whole hair and re-curl it then cut it into a nicer shape. I got a fringe now!!!! My sisters said I look so Japanese now. I don't know whether to be pleased or insulted. It's perfect now. Except for the fact that it's very very very super very dry and now I need a ton of treatments to get it back to life.

The treatment set. At least they got give me FREE hair-dryer....

Very mad at myself. Just for the sake of saving a miserable amount of RM40 the last time I ended up having to fix my hair only less than 3 months later which costs me around RM148 then I had to splurge on a ton of treatments that cost RM138. Monthly salon treatments would cost me another RM50 per month. You do the math....

I want to vehemently hurl something at a wall now.

Preferably a hair-dryer or something hair-related.

I HATE THE STUPID IDEA OF "SAVING MONEY" NOW!!!!! Everytime I try to skimp here and there I ALWAYS end up on the losing end with me having to pay more. Mai kimchi! I think life hates me or something. If there was a "cai shen" (money god), I swear I would beat him into pulp for treating me so damn unfairly. I think I hate that "cai shen dao" song they play every CNY liao. If he were to ever 'dao' to my house I would get a broom and whack him to the other end of the universe. GAAAAH!!!!

So this time I learn my lesson liao....

And went all out to splurge on this Revlon lipstick I saw the other day:

The color is super nice too. Better than my previous Loreal one. Actually I wanted to buy a slightly cheaper silver casing lipstick (to save money) but after seeing the Gold Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lipstick I change my mind immediately. It's GOLD. My favorite color!!!! Besides white. I know you people all think my favorite color is pink but it's not. Gold and White is MOST definitely my FAVORITE colors in the world. Pink comes in at third or something.

And I managed to out-trick whatever money curse out there because this time I didn't end up on the losing end! I am now fully convinced that this 'saving money' scheme does not work for me. I threw away that 'save money' notion to the wind and just force myself to pay more for that Revlon lipstick and in the end I AM SUPER SATISFIED WITH IT.

Totally no complaints. Worth every cent of my money. *kicks silver casing lipsticks out of mind forever in glee*

In case you people get the wrong idea of me as some dysfunctional ATM machine that goes around throwing money everywhere, I'm not hor. The things I splurge on I can fully afford ok just that sometimes I get this 'use as little money as possible to buy lots of things' attitude and decided to do something stupid. That stupid saying does NOT work hor. I prefer the saying 'yi fen chien yi fen huo' (sorry I dunno how to translate. I don't even know if my pinyin is right.) now. I can make very rational decisions when it comes to paying more for something that doesn't worth that much or branded goods. It's only when I can fully afford something and there is an option for saving a few dollars by buying something else instead at a cheaper price does all rationality fly out of my brain.

Never mind. I am learning =D

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