Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New York Nights

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Matt broke up with me! How can?! The toot! He says his mom thinks I'm too demanding. Demanding my toot. He's the one thats so fussy. What the fish?! I spent like 700 bucks to level up all my skills to prepare for the three dates with him and 300 bucks to primp myself up for him and the toot go and end the relationship. Then I got two answer choices. A is a nasty reply along the lines of "Tell mother to flan off, I can take care of myself" while B was a nice one along the lines of "I'll do anything for you". So not willing to lose I chose B. Result: Got dumped again.

Then later I found out that NASHA was the one who stole my boyfriend away. 2 days later she sms me to tell me she marry him already.

TOOT YOU LAR SHA! 2 WHOLE HOURS I spent to kao him and you just snatch him away from me like that. *!!!!!!* I could have finished 3 add maths exams papers. T_T

Even virtual relationship also fail. I think I go be nun better lar.

Lesson learnt:
Do NOT play lame, airheaded cellphone games like New York Nights anymore.

Life lessons:
1. If I have a boyfriend, make sure Nasha goes nowhere near him.
2. Never be too nice to guys. If they give you lame excuses, remember to
tell them to "go flan yourself" before kicking them in the ass.

*For some of you slow people, I'm talking about a game lar hor. I do NOT have a boyfriend, Matt does not refer to Matthew Yii or any other Matt you know, Nasha did not get married and so on and so forth.*


Shen said...

lolz..man..matthew YII ? dun make me kintio la..........

nasha wont fall in love with matthew this kind of boy...
u know...he has a pUNK girl fren haha !

i hope abigail wont come here ?
if she comes here. then i will say that this is not what lianshen typed la !

Nasha said...

hahaha..i spent all the money that u earned. lol. 2 make myself more beautiful..nyahaha.nice rite my game.

MisS EmO III said...

haha...lianshen..u reali ah..i saw bor how? xD lol..kinda annoying la u owez put my name here n i hav 2 correct u >.< ma fan u noe! xP btw..i swt when i saw da 1st line..lol..kinda cool xD