Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ugly Toys

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Patrick is not cute at all. I simply do not understand why many girls keep going ga-ga over it. It's freakin ugly okay?! What kind of toys come in such weird colors like red, blue, yellow and green? All the color tones are just fugly. I think the word 'cute' is overrated. Ugly things, beautiful things, non-living things, sculptures, hot guys are all labeled cute nowadays. How can a hot guy and a ugly guy both be cute??? Ish. Some girls just abused that word. Now being called cute means nothing at all. After all, Patrick is supposed to be cute and well.............frankly it's not.

WHERE GOT CUTE???!!!! If that is cute, then all vegetables are also cute since they are the only things that comes in weird colors too like purple, yellow, red and green.

I shall now tell you something interesting. Patrick is actually short for Patricia. Yes, it is FEMALE. Why I know? You look at it's mouth lar....

Why must it have a sucked-in hole? Where got dog's mouth liddat one. So the creators must have created it for one purpose only......

So it can eat sausages. *Ahem* If you get my drift. Yes, you have to be somewhat hiao to get it =P it must be a girl dog. Now you can tell everyone the truth behind Patrick. *Btw, some guy hint it out to me one. It's not like I bo su go think up something perv like this*

Remember 'THE DOG'? That sien looking dog with a huge head and a tiny body? I've tried googling it but can't find any picture of it to show you people. Anyway, all girls went siaw over it too. Fine, you like big headed stuff----more brains you might say----but look as it's expression lah, so retard one and you say it's cute. No wonder nowadays you see many pretty girls on the street hanging onto the arms of......fat, no class, no money, modified kancil-drivers, freakin ugly guys. I don't understand why they wanna waste their prettiness just like that. Freakin stupid. Oh yea, they think it's cute. -_-"

UGLY IS THE NEW BEAUTY!!! Might as well cashed in on this stupid craze. So here, support my latest product. Behold.....the all new special edition of "Fugly the Doggy"!!!

Buy me. Woof.


Shen said...

what a joke la..ur photoshop not bad ah haha..

i will buy ur dog..for rm 0.99
can u give me that dog at that price> lolz

i really love ur dog..i like that lousy patrick !!

MisS EmO III said... dog is featured in "the dog"..i'm offended..xD no>.< its KINDA cute le..huge nose + limpy dog is..a cross breed? xD nice..